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Jul 12, 2007 05:09 PM

Serb Hall's Fish Fry in Milwaukee

I finally made it to the Serb Hall for their Friday Fish Fry not too long ago. It was disappointing. Why is there so much internet verbage about Serb Hall being a Milwaukee institution? The every variety of fish was dry and overcooked. Furthermore the fried fish pieces seemed to be identical in size and shape ... have they gone to using factory formed and breaded frozen fish? Was my experience typical or were they having a bad night?

- Yumbo

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  1. As a long time resident of the Milwaukee area, I'd have to say your experience was typical. I never liked Serb Hall but it always gets touted as a Milwaukee institution. Maybe because it just has been around for so long. I like the ma and pa places, the corner bars. We often go to the Five O ' Clock Club on Pewaukee Lake or Chumleys(a neighborhood bar ) for a fish fry. There was a place around 33rd and Lincoln that we went to, a corner bar with great Long Island Ice Teas and fabulous fish fry. The name escapes me right now.

    1. The last time we were in Milwaukee on a Friday night, we stopped at Turner Hall for their fish fry and it did not disappoint. What a beautiful place to enjoy a meal.