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Jul 12, 2007 05:05 PM

Cocktails around Pico and Ocean

What are people's favorite bars around Pico and Ocean? We're looking for a place to do a casual after party for our wedding reception, which will be at Hotel Casa Del Mar. Somewhere that's open until 2 a.m. would probably be best.

Food isn't necessary, but late night munchies are always appreciated. Mostly, we want a place for a few dozen young people. We'll have done most of our dancing and drinking at the reception, so people will mostly want to lounge and chat over cocktails.

If you give me names, I can start calling the bars and seeing if they'd close down after midnight for a certain number of guests, or if we end up being a smaller group if we should just drop in like any normal night.

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  1. I like Ye Olde King's Head pub/restaurant. Great food, casual, very cool boisterious English pub atmosphere. Short cab ride. They could probably set you all up in the restaurant section. The bar area would be too small for you.

    Ye Olde King's Head
    116 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

    1. The pool/bar at the Viceroy is nice. Rent a cabana.

      1. Chez Jay? Walking distance from Casa Del Mar (except maybe for women in stilletos). Btw, one of my favorite wedding memories is going to a dive bar in Boston after my childhood best friend's wedding, including the bride still in her wedding dress.

        1. Second Viceroy.....

          Also try Abode and Tengu...both within walking distance from CDM.

          And maybe The Penthouse at Huntley Hotel???

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          1. re: fdb

            I was married at Casa del Mar 2 yrs ago and after the reception my crazy family and I hung out in the lobby bar until vey late. It was great and very convenient and they served us food.

            That said, I do second the bar at the Viceroy. There used to be a really great place called Voda on 4th I think. Not sure if it is still there though. This old maried lady does not get out much.

            1. re: Densible

              Voda is still there right now but eaterla posted this week that they have announced they're closing. Most likely they'll be closed before Pei's wedding.

              Viceroy is an awesome setting but I guess it just depends on whether you're looking for something lowkey or something with fancier atmosphere.

              1. re: Densible

                I was thinking that at the very least the lobby lounge would work. Good to know it's been done!

                Belated congrats on your wedding; do you mind if I ask how the food was? That, of course, is the part making me the most nervous right now. I've enjoyed my meals there, but I realize the restaurant kitchen and catering kitchen are separate though similar in style.

                Do you remember what you ate and what people loved?

                1. re: Pei

                  Just wander over to Viceroy - they have a great bar menu whereas Casa (Catch) does not, so better for late night munchies. You can get the charcuterie plate, or my favorite, chicken and waffles.

                  1. re: yogachik

                    Sounds good (weather permitting in January!). I'm definitely going to go try out the Viceroy's Tuesday night specials after seeing your rec on that other thread. Thanks for the heads up!

                  2. re: Pei


                    I am gonna dig out my menu when I get home and it will remind me of what we served. All I can remember is the raw bar (I had one oyster andit was good) and the ice cream sundae bar (yummy). It's a funny thing-we chose the menu based mostly on our tastes and I hardly ate a thing! Lots of people raved about the food though. We went to a tasting and did ask for changes-I remember something about the wild mushroom pasta being too bland and we changed the sauce. Anyway...I will stop babbling.

                    Will get back to you with actual facts asap.

                    1. re: Densible

                      Thank you so much! I just read your post out loud to my fiance and he said "yay!"

              2. I love Renee's on Wilshire; I always feel like I'm escaping when I enter that place!

                Love the Viceroy.

                The Huntley's Penthouse is nice for the view, but definitely expensive.

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                1. re: Emme

                  Oh Renee's! I love that place too. I completely forgot about it. Really good cocktails if I remember correctly.

                  I am looking at my catering order from over two years ago and feeling very nostalgic.

                  We were married in December just as the sun set and it was absolutely beautiful. Are you getting married in the day? The winter light in LA is so beautiful. You will look great in the photographs!

                  Liz M. was our contact at the hotel and she was just wonderful. See if she will comp you a room for the night. We had a wonderful time.

                  Here goes:

                  Passed Hors D'oeuvres:
                  Smoked Salmon on potato Crepe
                  Lobster, Mango Ceviche in a Sesame Cone-really good!
                  Caviar, Creme Fraiche on a Potato Crisp-love caviar-not the best quality but certainly tasty.
                  Crispy Crab Cakes-okay; I love crab cakes so a bit more demanding of them.
                  Mushroom tart-good

                  I think the Hors D's were not part of the tasting and perhaps you can ask to taste the HD's before deciding what to serve.

                  We had a buffet:

                  Cheese Display-I'd probably skip this next time (haha!). I think it was 10 bucks a head and not necessary. Maybe I would have added another main dish or more passed H D's.

                  Seafood Display-oysters, shrimp, Ceviche Snow Crab claws-really good but would substitute stone crab for snow crab claws or skip the claws and add more shrimp or ceviche

                  Field Green Salad
                  Roasted Beet Salad (excellent and I love beets!)
                  Buff Mozarella, Tomato. Roasted Peppers-meh

                  Shrimp and Scallop Skewers
                  Penne with wild Mushrooms, herbs and tomato sauce-really good-we asked to add the tomato sauce, because it was too dry without it.

                  Sauteed Salmon, Braised Fennel, Potato Mousilline-Everyone loved this dish-I didn't eat it.

                  Grilled Chicken Breat, glazed veggies, risotto (substituted for potatoes)

                  Sundae Bar-my fav part.

                  Note: they served the main courses in one chafing dish, protein and sides together in one dish. It looked nice. I am a vegetarian (can you tell by our menu choices?)though, so I asked for them to serve the veggies in separate dishes. They ended up just adding two chafing dishes of fennel and glazed veggies, when I was really wanting potatoes and risotto!

                  I think that is why I ended up at the Sundae Bar at the end of the night.

                  I hope this helps.



                  1. re: Densible

                    Correction-a vegetarian who eats shellfish

                    1. re: Densible

                      Thank you so much, Densible! If you wouldn't mind answering some non-food questions about CDM, could you please e-mail me at chezpeiatgmaildotcom? TIA

                    2. re: Emme

                      a very loud second for renee's. great atmosphere!

                      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                        If your wedding is on a friday or saturday, I say nay to Renee's. Too crowded and not convenient to CDM without ground transportation.
                        I second and third the Viceroy and CDM recs.