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Jul 12, 2007 04:37 PM

Bob. Can We Get an Update of New Orlando Restaurants

I was hoping you (our inside man in the know) could update your lengthy post of past about any new and "exciting" restaurants that may be coming to the Orlando area. I believe I had recently read that you had heard rumblings of another "well known" steak house coming to Orlando. It was a teaser of sort, and got my mouth a watering thinking of the possibilities. I had also heard that a reputable Atlanta Steakhouse was to occupy the site at the Village of Imagine. Could it be a "Chops" or "Bones", both being Atlanta originals and well respected beef houses! Also anything new in Uptown Altamonte or are we forever destined for quick casual eateries. A nice sit down place would be a positive change from the endless chains that abound!!

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  1. I've heard the rumor about Village of Imagine -- I'll do some checking.

    Chops is one if the Buckhead Life concept restaurants. Their Lobster Bar concept, the downstairs part of the restaurant, is opening in Boca and they are looking for a location in several other Florida cities including Orlando.

    It's very likely Ruth's Chis will be opening another location downtown. The only major steak chains not here are Smith & Wollensky, which isn't growing anywhere, and I think Gallaghers has a couple of locations.

    A Land Remembered just opened at Shingle Creek Resort -- very upscale steak.

    Next new restaurant of consequence is called City Fish, knock off off the PikeMarket in Seattle. Downtown, probably next spring.

    I hold little hope for things in Altamonte. There's a new place called Steak in the City that opened 6-8 weeks ago in the old Shells location on west 436. It's a sort of churrasco. I wasn't impressed at their opening but have heard it has gotten better. Might want to try them.

    Economics of that area don't lend themselves to anything but chains. Rent is too steep. Look north to Lake Mary, there are an abundance of places there including a Spice Steakhouse opening this fall in the old Harvey's location.

    I'll probably think of more, however my home computer crapped its mother board last weekend and so my online access is rather limited for the next couple of weeks until it can be repaired or replaced.
    They aren't in any hurry . . .


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      I heard that Fogo de Chao might be coming to Orlando - is that true?

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        I heard that Fogo was going into new space that is replacing the old Mercado. Supposedly late next year.