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Jul 12, 2007 03:55 PM

Places for Sangria in Baltimore?

I think drink is OK on a chow board? Every summer, I work on my home recipe for both red and white sangria, but I also like to try places out. Usually I am disappointed, so I was hoping to get some new ideas? Some comments that pop to mind (2 bad; 2 good):

Not a big fan of Mezze's sangria - too dry, not sweet or fruity enough
Helen's (done occasionally) - this was last year, but I remember it being to liquor-y

Nasu Blanca - was then in Feb. and even at that time, I think I really liked the red
Little Havana - was there about a month ago, and the red was pretty good

Where do you like the sangria in Charm City (and why)?

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  1. Tapas Teatro on Charles St. Reminds me of sangria ive had in Spain.

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      I'll second the Tapas Teatro sangria. I have not had the white, but the red is very good.

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        I'll third Tapas Teatro's sangria! I haven't had the white either, because I get stuck on the red, which is wonderful.

        1. re: beta

          Tapas Teatro's red is my favorite sangria in town. I just tried the white last week (my husband ordered a glass to try after I demanded that we stick with our usual pitcher of red). The white was surprisingly yummy. Big hunks of melon and pineapple, and I THINK it has some peach brandy in it...very nice!

    2. I had the [red] sangria at Arcos a few times and it was delish! A tad sweet, light with ice cold pieces of apple and not too much citrus -- it was to die for.

      I went back with a date a few months later and they were using a hearty, dry and thoroughly tannic wine and leaving out the sparkly part (ginger ale?). Terrible!

      I'm hoping they've come to their senses and gone back, but I haven't been in a few months.

      1. I enjoyed the Sangria at La Tasca in DC. They have a location at Inner Harbor that I imagine is just as good. They feature about a dozen Sangrias (some of which I wouldn't try on a bet).
        I also recommend the fried eggplant with cheese dip, it is out of this world!

        La Tasca
        722 7th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001

        1. The sangria(red) Tio Pepes is excellent...
          as an aside ..I have never found a good white Sangria
          whiute wines don't have the body I expect in Sangria...but thats just me

          1. I was at the Wine Market at few weeks ago and they had a sangria. I don't know if they offer it all the time though

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              I am actually sitting at The Wine Market right now and, yes, they offer their sangria year round. Their's tends to be a little less sweet with more of the red wine flavor coming through. Very good.