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Jul 12, 2007 03:55 PM

Is there really a good Whole Wheat pasta?

My husband hates every brand I bring home. Any suggestions? I'm NOT getting
a new husband!!!!

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  1. I dont know if I have a brand to suggest, but maybe you could mix 1/2 wheat, 1/2 regular to mask the wheat pasta??

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    1. re: sds

      Sounds like a good idea. I guess I have to start the whole wheat pasta
      ahead of the regular, no?

      1. re: Lindy Lou

        It typically takes a little longer to cook, but only by a minute or so.

      1. re: callmijane

        I actually think Trader Joe's makes a really good whole wheat pasta. I've tried some other brands and they taste more like sawdust than pasta.

        1. re: callmijane

          Not yet, but I'm going there next week and I'll it on my list! Thanks.

        2. You should try the Barilla Plus, my family can't tell the difference. I bought it when I was on Weight Watchers after I tried a bunch of different Wheat pastas and hated one after the other. Good Luck!!!!

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            1. re: kam0424

              We also have enjoyed the Barilla Plus!

              1. re: Val

                barilla plus is very high in protein, but it is actually not very high in whole grains. just because it is brown in color doesn't mean it's mostly whole grain. if you read the ingredients closely you'll see that it's mostly white flour.

                i like trader joes - but the truth is, it's never gonna taste like white pasta. your hubby will sort of have to accept that. maybe you will find another way to eat whole grains that you like? we've been enjoying wheat berries and quinoa lately.

          1. I've found rustichella d'abruzzo by far to be the best. Based on taste and texture.


            1. You didn't say what types of pasta you've tried, but based on my experiences with whole wheat pasta, the skinny ones (like angel hair, spaghettini, spaghetti, and linguine) are much tastier than the shapes (like macaroni, penne, fusilli, etc.). I've found this to be true regardless of the brand. Also, pairing it with strong flavors (like arrabiata or puttanesca sauce) might be more acceptable to him than something milder like primavera. Personally, I have become very fond of whole wheat pasta, to the point where I often prefer it (in the same way that I often prefer brown rice to white) for the nuttiness and heartiness it adds to a dish. Good luck with your hubby!

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                I really like the fettuccine from an Italian brand called Misura. Their website seems to be only in Italian (