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What do you like to do with left over pie crust?

My Grandmother, would put it in a dish of whatever size was required for the left over piece, then smear it with canned milk,sprinkle on sugar,and cinnamon then bake until golden brown...what an awesome treat for something I am told a lot of folks throw away...what do you do with yours?

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  1. Almost the same thing...but with butter, brown sugar, and sometimes a few raisins, rolled like a little pastry cigar....

    1. Wow this brings back memories, my mother would make us tiny tarts or mini-turnovers with the extra pie dough, filling with jam, often strawberry - mmmmmm delicious! I haven't had one in years, am tempted to make one now!

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        I just spread it with jam and roll it up and bake.

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          yes my grandma baked pies professionally for dept. stores, and passed her pie-crust kung-fu to my mom. we'd always make jam tarts from the scraps of dough. as i got older i was given the scraps to roll out and shape while my mom was working. the tarts i made would go on a cookie sheet below the pie as it baked and my brother and i would eat the jam tart hot out of the oven-- it would keep us from messing with the pie when it came out of the oven later!

        2. We make a dinner pie of some sort, chicken, beef & beer, or vegetarian.

          1. My mother in law makes cinnamon rolls! just mix some cinnamon, sugar and butter, roll it up and bake!! Not too sweet and delicious!

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              i roll mine flat and long, spread strawberry jam, raisins and cocoa powder (not chocolate powder) and sometimes some cinnamon, roll it up lengthways and slice into one inch slices and bake till brown. yummy. (cover sheet with foil as it's a pain to clean).

            2. LOL!

              Last time, we rolled it, filled it with chocolate tempered with a little bit of milk and pistachios. In one we added raspberry jam as well. Sprinkled sugar on top. Baked it.

              1. I wrap it around a pear and bake it in the toaster oven until tender and serve with ice cream.

                1. After rolling out pie crust, which I really don't like to do, I make thumbprint cookies - just blobs of dough, stick your thumb in them to make a bowl and fill with jam, sprinkle with sugar and bake.

                  1. Bake it off, then break into pieces and add to your ice cream maker along with sauteed apple bits, once a good batch of cinnamon ice cream starts to firm up.

                    1. Bumblebees!

                      Roll the leftover dough out, smear it with butter, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon, and roll it up tightly. Then slice the roll about half an inch thick. Lay out on baking sheet and bake at 425 for 10 minutes. (That's the same temperature I bake my pies at, so they go right in with the pie.)

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                        This is exactly what my grandmother would do -- so good. But she called them something else that I can't remember now.

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                            my grandmother called them tuzzie muzzies.

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                              Those were Gobblies in our house.

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                                In ours, "poor man's pie." A holdover from my gma's depression-era kitchen I think.

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                                My honey called his variety schmekels

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                                  that's hilarious! for those that don't know, 'schmeckel' is the Yiddish word for a small schmuck, or for a little man with a little schmuck (and if you don't know what the word schmuck literally means in Yiddish, you can google it)

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                                    I knew someone here would find that funny

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                                  I roll the dough flat, cut it into strips, then braid or twist the strips into spirals; butter, sugar, and cinnamon them and call them (very cleverly) "dough twisties," or "flaties!" (Ha ha!) They really are dough-licious!

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                                  I love reading this b/c so many of these are similar, but we all call them something else. My mom calls her's DooDads.

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                                    My bumblebees are in the Oven right now and they smell so good! I haven't had breakfast yet and I was searching for a good recipe, and I saw I had some leftover pie crust. So I searched and saw this! And its awesome!!!!! Thank you so much!!

                                  2. My grandmother would call this a "Piggy." Leftover pie crust folded around any leftover fruit from the real pies.

                                    1. I never have any! My husband is very disappointed if I do anything with it, other then let him eat it raw!

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                                        Mmmm...raw pie dough is one of my favorite treats around the holidays!

                                      2. cut out little round shapes and fill with "nippy" cheese, my mom's term for sharp cheddar. Crimp and bake and oh! man, these are good!

                                        1. Spread with ricotta cheese and honey, roll, and bake.

                                          Or wrap it around a banana and bake.

                                          1. On the internet, go to... http://www.aish.com/family/cooking/Ea...

                                            Scroll down until you come to "Leftover Pie Dough". In the past I have made the cheese straws.

                                            1. My Mother cut the remaining pie crust in different shapes, and did exactly the same thing...It was wonderful

                                              1. One thing to do is roll out little pieces of dough and overlap them on top of a fruit cobbler.

                                                Like a pie but easier without a bottom crust.

                                                Bittman has the recipe for it in a recent New York Times:


                                                  1. We made schnieterflicken (sp? German for tailor's scraps). Similar but cut into pieces and with margarine instead of the canned milk.