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Jul 12, 2007 03:14 PM

Genuine Burrata cheese?

Hi, does anyone know where in the Greater Seattle/Eastside Metropolitan area, aside from the Pike Place Market, where I can buy genuine Burrata cheese...(the kind filled with curds and cream, not marscapone)?


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  1. We found some at Whole Paycheck market in Bellevue last week. Looked much like buffala mozzerella, but softer.

    1. I've been buying it at the Metropolitan Market on lower QA. They get it from Italy on a regular basis.

      I've looked for it at both the Whole Foods on 65th and the one downtown but once they told me it was out of season and another time they said they were out.

      1. Mmmmmm, ripened cheese curds stuffed into fresh mozzerella. Difficult to find the real thing here in Seattle. Restaurant Zoe usually has it as a special on the weekends.

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          Thank you, that's good to know, but I am looking for retail outlets so I can bring it home for use in recipes. Thanks though!