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Jul 12, 2007 03:06 PM

Pizza Buona in Echo Park

Plan on getting some pizza over the weekend at Pizza Buona for the first time and wanted to know what fellow chowhounders think of this place. Thanks in advance!

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  1. It's my favorite pizza in the neighborhood (of course, there's not much competition)!!! I like to get sausage & garlic. In fact, I have a hard time branching out and trying new things because I like the sausage & garlic so much.
    The antipasto salad is pretty good, and it's huge. Delivery can be slow because the pizzas take a while to prepare, but it's worth it.
    I've only gotten delivery or to-go, so I've never eaten in the dining room. It's pretty plain, and feels and looks like an old-fashioned pizza parlor.

    1. My husband is from NYC, so he thinks he is a pizza expert. After trying Pizza Buona several times, we both give it the thumbs down. Complaints include: 1.5 hr wait for delivery (they tried to deliver to the wrong street), the restaurant itself seems dirty, and the pizza is greasy. My husband was astounded that they put the pepperoni under the cheese. I guess that is a NY no no. Instead of Pizza Buona we call it Pizza Oh-no. Purgatory Pizza is good, but delivery only.

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        Well the pepperoni thing is a bit strange, but it's not like NY is a stranger to either dirty
        restaurants or greasy pizza. Case in point... DiFara's getting shut down for reasons that the mod prefer not be discussed here... has some pointers, though.

        Pizza Buona does tend to be a little on the slow side, though you can call and order in
        advance. I haven't personally noticed anything that indicated PB is dirty.

        I'm from NJ, have lived in NYC, and my gf can't stand the fact that I think I'm a pizza expert (well maybe not an expert, but at least opinionated about how I like it). I think the pizza there is pretty good for LA - and the atmosphere of the place is right on as well. At least one other east coast friend agrees that they're pretty right on. The pizza doesn't fold quite right and the cheese slides off more than it should, but the crust and sauce are not too far off IMHO.

        Low key, cash only. I'll concede that Vito's might make a slightly more authentic East Coast pizza (though I stand by my remarks in another thread that the theatrics there are a bit over the top), but I still like Pizza Buona better anyway. And since it was probably the first decent pizza I had in LA (recommended by my old apartment manager), I'll always have a soft spot for it.

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          I tried Pizza Buona for the first time yesterday and was very disappointed considering I drove all the way from the SGV! Ordered pepperoni and mushroom and it was very greasy! But the worst part of the pizza was the crust which was extremely tough and so hard to chew! Definitely one of the worst pizzas I've ever eaten!

        2. I really like Pizza Buona. We usually get the "special" with sausage, pepperoni, green pepper and mushrooms. The crust is especially good. Delivery usually takes 45 minutes. They only take cash. We've eaten their pizza so many times and it is consistently tasty. To me the kitchen looks spotless. Enjoy!