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Post-colonoscopy lunch on Rte 9???

My SO is having a colonoscopy tomorrow late morning at Brigham & Women's. Any suggestions for a post-procedure lunch along Rte 9 on the way back to New Hampshire? There's Legal in Brookline, but anything more chowish? He's been eating jello all day and he's already starving...

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  1. Wow, this is probably the best titled thread ever. While I can't help you much, after having all four of my wisdom teeth taken out, I had a lovely tasting menu at Radius after a week of jello, yoghurt, baby food and spaghetti'os.

    I might actually recommend coming into town and having lunch at No. 9 and then getting on Rt. 93 back to New Hampshire.

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    1. Best of luck to him...I'm sure he will want to eat something really tasty after the procedure is done. There are a few places that come to mind along or near Route 9. Family Restaurant in Brookline Village has very good Turkish cuisine. Up the road a bit is Bernard's, a Chinese restaurant in the Chestnut Hill Mall; I personally wasn't impressed by the food, but others seem to like it, so it may be worth a try. Further up the road, just off Route 9 on Needham Street is the Farm Grill, which is one of my favorite Greek restaurants in the Boston area. There are other places a bit further off Route 9, but this is a start, anyways.

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        Don't know about Greek food..:)

        Eastern Standard hit the spot for me..post procedure.

      2. LOL! I know exactly how he feels. How about Brown Sugar Cafe for Thai food, not far from the hospital? http://www.brownsugarcafe.com/

        1. You win! Best thread title ever!

          I think I'd really want a DRINK with my food post-colonoscopy. I'd head straight down Brookline Ave. into Kenmore to Eastern Standard. Seats are comfy and the food and drinks are great. Do the patient a favor and let the valet look for parking. ;)

          1. I'd recommend Oishii for delicious sushi on Hammond St. in Chestnut Hill, right by rte 9 (plenty of posts on it on this board).

            Oishii Sushi Bar
            612 Hammond St, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

            1. Thanks for all the suggestions--I think Thai or sushi might be a little too, how shall we say, "moving", but I like the Eastern Standard idea. Has anyone tried Aquitaine bis? It's on our way home. The idea is to pour him out of the car, feed him some good stuff, and get him home to sleep.

              1. Which Brigham & Women's is this? If its the main hospital, then how is route 9 (ie. Aquitane bis) on the way to NH?

                As far as Aquitane bis,,, it's a v good place for lunch.

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                  Rte 3 to 128 to Rte 9 to Brookline Ave to Francis St

                2. Trattoria Toscana in Fenway - favorite pasta place in Boston (love everything except gnocchi)! Only been for dinner, so check lunch hours.

                  1. Sounds like you mean route 3. Route 9 goes to Worcester, not New Hampshire.

                    More relevant, I have had multiple colonoscopies and the prearation is always worse than the proceedure. But afterwards, comfort food is what hits the spot. Something exotic won't do the job. Eastern Standard or Audobon sound right.

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                      Maybe its Route 9 to 128... then to Route 3. Ok. So, I'd echo Eastern Standard as a good choice... or your Aquitane bis thought (parking will be easier in the shopping center lot)... both are excellent lunch places.

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                        Sounds like they are taking 3 south from NH to 128, getting off at Rte 9, going up through Chestnut Hill and Brookline to get to Brigham and Women's.

                    2. How he feels depends on the extent of what they look at. If they do a full look, then he'll probably feel used up and want to sit. A smaller procedure and he'll be feeling pretty good after a while, a little tired but ok.

                      BTW, it's faster to get out of town by taking Brookline Ave into Kenmore and then to Storrow Drive and out. That would allow Eastern Standard, for example.

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                        You may be right--93 to Storrow Drive to Kenmore may be the way to go. But then there's Petit Bistro Robert down the street from Eastern Standard. Preferences?

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                          Comfort food is the key. Eastern Standsard does this well. I like PRB but it does not do comfort food.

                      2. I'm pretty sure he's going to be loopy and ravenous, and want to quickly shove food in his mouth, then flop. When I pick someone up after this procedure, I arrive with an assortment of donuts from Dunkin' Donuts, and the consensus is that nothing has tasted so good since the purple haze of youth. He can dive right in when he's in the car, or wait until he's home. There's one on rte. 9 very close to Brookline Ave. There's probably one right on Brookline Ave.

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                          I'll second Trattoria Tosacana as a good lunch spot.

                          BTW Polly, great nickname...

                        2. Folks, pardon the interruption, but please keep the replies focused on suggestions of where this poster can go to lunch, rather than on general comments on post-colonoscopy eating, etc. We've removed a number of such off topic posts.


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                            Thanks chow team for keeping it real, but can't we request posters to inquire about places for lunch after a hospital visit, versus.... after a "colonoscopy". Wouldn't that avoid the off-topic replies???

                          2. Thanks to all for your great suggestions. We drove by Trattoria Toscana but they were closed (which is strange because Zagat lists them as open for lunch). We ended up at Eastern Standard and had a great meal. We shared the frisee aux lardons (the poached egg, toasted hazelnuts and sweetbreads were a nice addition). We both had the hangar steak frites rare--yum. I had a glass of red wine while he sat there, glassy-eyed, drinking his iced tea. To gild the lily, we stopped at Jake's in Amherst, NH for homemade ice cream on the way home.

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                              Glad you made it to ES. Sounds like a great lunch.The stop at Jake's has me wishing I'd be in NH sooner than I will.