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Jul 12, 2007 02:08 PM

Wine & Cheese nr BKH/Cobble/Carroll/Slope

Looking for a nice wine bar with (perhaps more importantly than the wine) great cheeses. I live in BK Heights/Cobble Hill area, so don't mind a quick walk to Carroll Gardens, Boerum, Dumbo, or upper areas of Park Slope. Grazie-

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  1. You can't possibly go wrong with Sample. Well unless it's packed, which it can be at times. But excellent cheese and wine selections and the owner, Maio, is wonderful.

    There's a new place on Atlantic called Donna Da Vine that I was less impressed with on my one visit. Overpriced, small pours. Bland service. Strange decor. But they do have a patio now. Decent food though...I dont recall if the cheese was interesting, just that they had some tasty small plates.

    Another place is opening near DDV in a converted synagogue which I'm intrigued about but I do not believe it has opened yet.

    Oh and I suppose you could go to Lunetta (restaurant) and sit at the bar for wine and cheese...nice selections of both.

    1. I really like Total Wine Bar in Park Slope on Fifth Ave. Very convivial place, you can go solo or with friends, nice wines and good cheese and other small plates.

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          I second Frankies and Donna da Vine. I had a great experience at both.

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            I hope my post didnt come off as an endorsement of Donna da Vince, more just mentioning its an option. I had a pretty mediocre experience when we went and have never really been able to drag myself back there to see if its improved.

        2. I'm not sure if it's too far for you but I'm fond of Stonehome Wine Bar on Lafayette (in the BAM/ Fort Greene Area, right by the Atlantic Avenue mall). They have a pretty wide selection of wines and some tasty dishes. Not a huge menu but rather decent food. A little pricey. Unfortunately, they recently discontinued their panini selection - but that's my only complaint.

          1. I know you're looking in the outer borough area, but I just went to Cafe Artisinal in Manhatten this week (32nd & Park I think it was) and that place had a cheese list like no other, plus a "fromagerie" (sp?) that you can discuss your selections with. Not stuffy at all - brasserie atmosphere, fun, great food (not obsene portions either).