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Jul 12, 2007 01:54 PM

Dommy’s Dinners: A New Fish Dish – Halibut Shepherd’s Pie

Here I was trapped in June Gloom and with a couple of Halibut Steaks to use up. It was summer! I felt it in my soul!! But the sky was telling me otherwise. Bleh... So really… I was in no mood to grill them… It also wasn’t cold enough to justify baking them either! So I went through my ‘must try’ files and came across this recipe which was just perfect! Halibut Shepherd’s Pie!

What attracted me most to this recipe (Aside from using a copious amount of mashed taters…) was that it was mostly stove top so I could really have fun with some additions (For some reason the stand alone recipe seemed a little bland!). So added diced carrots and mushrooms. I added some Tarragon and other herbs to make the flavor POP! And then added the fish and spinach… It all came together very quick and really nicely. YUM!!

I filled a lasagna pan with my mixture and then added the Potatoes on top…

Then, I sent it to blast in the Broiler for a few minutes! BEAUTIFUL!!

The smells were just driving P. up the wall! So I quickly served him up a slice…

Yum! Fish Pie!!! It was really good, the additions of the Carrots and mushrooms and spices really helped it from tasting a bit one note. Also the Halibut stood up on it’s own rather well and the recipe does say you can use Salmon or any other firm fleshed fish!

The verdict was that this is defiantly something we would do again. It was a nice change of pace to do with Fish and without the heavy meats, it felt comforting, but still lighter…. Just perfect for a gloomy summer day…


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  1. Thanks, Dommy! That looks like something good to do with cod, too, and if I hadn't been kinda overdoing the potatoes and crumbs and the like lately I might've tried it tonight. But I did copy and paste the recipe (including appropriate attributions) and put it in my recipe folder.

    I think it'd be cool to come up with a whole raft of seafood pies - I've seen some great New England recipes for pies containing a combination of ham, chicken and oysters, or sometimes clams. They usually have a biscuit topping and no bottom crust. Maybe when this accursed heat goes away (unlike you, I wish June Gloom would last until October!) we can run a Pie Thread.

    Excellent pics, as laways!

    1. This looks awesome Dommy, thanks. I love your updates and btw I will be buying TJ's hummus on my next trip. When I checked out the pics on flicker!, I noticed the triple chocolate pie slice. Now you may not be a chocoholic, but I most certainly am! Is the recipe posted somewhere, I dug around a little, but I must confess I am being lazy.

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      1. re: mohotta

        Here is the report on the Pie!

        It's a Chocoholic's DREAM! :)

      2. Wow Dommy - I've had this in my "must try" file too, and just haven't gotten around to it. But your post will definitely speed things up. Thanks - it looks amazing.