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Jul 12, 2007 01:40 PM

food from spain in westchester?

just returned from spain. i would like to find some of the spanish amazing quality sardines and anchovies. never had anything like that in the states. also, even the cheap olive oil and vinegars were delicious. olives not in vinegar but marinated in fish(anchovies and tuna?)
where can i purchase to savor my memories?

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  1. This isn't all that helpful, I know, but I rely on

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    1. re: spa

      the site looks good. i went to trader joe's and apple farm and found quite a bit! 2 types of tuna, olive oil and a vinegar! i'll start with that. of course, spanish wine is everywhere, just not the 4.00 bottles that were great in barcelona!

    2. Zeytinia in Croton has the wonderful Spanish tuna in oil, sardines and anchovies.

      1. (sorry to hijack, but....)

        if anyone knows a place to get jamon serrano in westchester, please post about it!

        no one responded to the 'any jamon serrano in dutchess?' so i'm looking further south.


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        1. re: bob gaj

          Bob, if you go even further south to Harlem, Fairway has it.

          1. re: bob gaj

            I've actually gotten it (pre-sliced and pre-packaged though) in Shop-rite in Croton.

            1. re: Marge

              If you ever want the "real deal" head to Despana in NYC.

              1. re: Ora

                thanks - i do plan to go to despana sometime in the next month when i'm in the city, and have that and some churros (i heard they've started making them) for lunch one day...

                that's interesting that a shop-rite carries it. pre-sliced isn't good, but it does beat 'not at all'.

                1. re: bob gaj

                  they definitely have it in turco's because i've bought it there.

            2. re: bob gaj

              Just saw jamon serrano (on sale) at Zeytinia in Croton today.

            3. MINT in Tarrytown carries a boatload of Spanish fare. I've had Manchego, drunken goat's cheese, olives, etc... If you request something from one of the owners sometimes they bring it in. They even bring in Guava juice from Hawaii. While there, you have to try the Roast Chicken marinated in saffron and other yummy herbs for Take-out. Outrageous!

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              1. re: RawTunaFan

                thanks, i live right on the irv. border of tarry. i use mint often for catering, etc. I haven't looked in a while. The anchovy marinated olives are actually the thing we miss the most- no vinegar- delicious. I think Hassan will cater thanksgiving for us- we have 16 coming and he said we could have our choice of natural/organic, etc. turkeys and i love some of his sides.

              2. And yes, Despana in Queens last I remember has the best selection of Spanish foods.