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Jul 12, 2007 01:06 PM

Please help me to narrow down my list!

Hi everyone,

I won't be in Paris until the END of December, but I've already started working on my "list" (I know it's a long time away but food is one of the top priorities of any trip to Paris, right?)
I'm taking my mom (her first time, my third) and we'll be meeting up with a friend. We all love good food - we're on somewhat of a budget (meaning we are allowing ourselves one more expensive meal and sticking ot bistros for the rest).
We're thinking Les Elysées du Vernet for the splash out meal.

So.. that leaves SIX nights. Out of the following:
Le P’tit Troquet
Atelier Maitre Albert
Au Petit Marguery (friend has been here, she liked it)
Chez Denise (I've been here, I liked it)
Fish La Boissonniere
Chez Les Anges
Louis Vins
Le Petit Pontoise
Le Pamphlet
Restaurant Astier
La Cagouille (was thinking of taking mom here for NYE)
Le Bistro Paul Bert

Which six would YOU choose??! We're staying in the 5th, not that it makes much difference.

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  1. I don't know them all (anyone does?) but I would rule out l'Atelier Maitre Albert, which is pretentious and expensive, crowded and mostly not so good. Le Petit Pontoise is a good cheap idea, everyone likes chez Denise, Fish is totally worth it, simple and good in a cool neighborhood. Petit Marguery particularly cool in december cause games, if you like it.

    Les Elysees is of course great but the best value is the lunch menu. Still much cheaper than competition in the evening.

    Also end of december is holiday season so you may have the same kind of issue as in August -- that might narrow down your list automatically.

    1. I would recommend your "splash-out" meal at noon. You will save substantially in dollars, but not at all in the quality of the experience. There is always SO much food, that for most folks I know, it's easier to digest at lunch, and therefore that much more enjoyable. My favorite "fancy" meal in Paris has been at Taillevent. and their 70 euro lunch is a real qpr.

      Off your list, I love La Cagouille, but don't know whether they're open New Years Eve. You should check soon. It might be in Michelin. And as Souphie said, Petit Marguery is wonderful, especially for game.

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      1. re: ChefJune

        Thanks for your replies! I'm getting ready to go away for a few weeks, so I'll confer with my co-diners when I get back and check back in here as the list gets refined. (The planning is half the fun :)

      2. since you're staying in the 5th, you won't want to miss breakfast at Cafe Mouffetard on the rue Mouffetard. The brioche and croissants are made in house, and are the stuff dreams are made of! The rue Mouffetard is also home to one of the better year-round markets in the city, as well.

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        1. re: ChefJune

          Oh boy, that's a tough task. I would for sure not eliminate Au Petit Marguery nor Le P'tit Troquet.

          If I had to, then Fish and Chez Denise would be out (but on the list again for next time).

          But that makes still 4 too many... sorry. However, some may be closed between Xmas and New Year's. Right now, I wouldn't know of any for sure though.

          1. re: Dodo

            I know - isn't it a dilemma?!
            I guess I'll need to wait for a while to find out which places will be closed (we're there from the 26th of Dec through the 2nd of Jan).
            I wish I could stay for 2 weeks, then I would have no problem.

            1. re: sistereurope

              I can look in my Michelin for you....

              1. re: sistereurope

                of course you would have a problem. I have lived here 33 years and still haven't tried all the restaurants I am interested in.

                1. re: souphie

                  I went to Louis Vin and Chez les anges last april and i could that both are excellent, chez les anges being more classy and on the pricey side but the food is very good, Louis vin is in the fifth and we really like their ambiance food and wine list, you should tri ay least one of these two, you will be pleased!

          2. Since you are staying in the 5th, I wanted to give a plug for a sweet little place called Au Bon Coin... it's not fine dining, but it's a wonderful, inexpensive little bistro.

            Our waiter was extremely accomodating, translating the very long menu board in detail. He was very curious to know how we had heard about it, since there only seemed to be locals there. My meal was very, very good... scallops and a white fish (can't remember the name) in a saffron cream sauce and my husband really enjoyed his cassoulet.

            Fish is usually one of the places we seem to return to each visit to Paris. The food rarely disappoints, though it probably won't blow you away either. It's a fun, comfortable place.

            A new place I just tried is Le Cinq Mars on Rue Verneuil in the 7th, close to the D'Orsay. Really, really enjoyed the atmosphere and our meal here, and it won't break the bank.

            1. A group of us (California restauranters) ate at Petit Marguery this past January. Food was not very good. They have recently sold but I had heard new owners were keeping food up to previous standards. Definitely not the case that night. On the other hand, we loved our meal at La Cagouille, best meal we had in Paris. It is not the easiest place to find but definitely worth the effort.