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Jul 12, 2007 12:34 PM

ISO Teppan in the San Fernando Valley

Heyheyhey, cool people!

My boss wants to take the office out to some place in the valley that "isn't Benihana," so I've come here seeking assistance.

Anyone got any recommendations?



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  1. You could try Yamato in the Encino Town Center. A step above Benihana. There's also a place in Woodland Hills, Something's Fishy. A little better than Benihahna.
    Thene ther's a few Musashi's in Northridge. Not too good. benihana is better than Musashi.

    Honestly, we haven't got too much good teppan here. I'd say Yamato is your best bet.

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      Many many thanks Diana! :)

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        There's also the Yamato in Agoura if you're in the west valley.