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Jul 12, 2007 12:00 PM

Bymark Summerlicious- Are we missing something

Went to Bymark last evening for Summerlicious with a dear friend. Are we missing something, or is the whole experience somewhat overrated? Between the two of us we had the tuna tataki appetizer, one salmon and one veal tenderloin entree, and one strawberry shortcake and one almond panna cotta dessert. We opted out of the other choice of appetizer (a duck dish). While the food was tasty, we were underwhelmed and thought the portions were small. The highlight was the drinks- She had a great Bymark Martini and wine and I had an "Evil" Caprihiani (sp?). The drinks were large and strong! Note, the only reservation time they would give us was 5:00 p.m. They did not rush us through drinks though.

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  1. I'll bite.

    Your'e not missing anything. Bymark is underwhelming even without interference from Summerlicious. It's strictly a corporate account place, in my view.

    Mark McEwan is too busy doing bad television.

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      I agree...Bymark has forever tried to keep pace with Canoe...they just don't have the talent. Though I have enjoyed the food in the past, service and lack of professionalism at such a level was always lacking. Too many better options out there for half the price.

    2. I was there a month ago for a corporate lunch. The portions were small and the flavours underwhelming. I'd rather eat at Jamie Kennedy's or Take Sushi or even Ki. Then again, it was *free*.

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