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Jul 12, 2007 11:51 AM

North Dallas All-you-can-eat Lobster...WHERE??

At one time there were several restaurants offering ALL YOU CAN EAT LOBSTER, for example, Trulucks, Pappedeux, Todai....Serving styles were either waiter service replenishing lobsters as needed or buffet style split 1lb-ers broiled

now there seem to be no restaurants offering AYCE lobster for a price...
does anyone know of any restaurants within 50 miles of the Richardson-Plano area ????
if the price is right I may be willing to drive 100 miles each way....

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  1. This place used to do it on Monday nights. All you got was lobster and bread.

    Lefty's Lobster & Chowder House
    4021 Belt Line Road
    Addison, TX
    Phone: 972-774-9518

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    1. re: Scagnetti

      I new lefty's had a lobster special but not all you could eat?

      The only place I currently know is Best Buffet on I believe 19th & 75 In Plano next to Steak & Ale. They are the little pacific lobsters (to me more of a prawn) but they insist they are lobsters. It's available dinner only.

      Also Truluck has a all you can eat Stone Crab during season for around $50

      1. re: irodguy

        the last time I was at Best Buffet they were serving huge lobsters chopped up into pieces, not the little prawn-mudbug-type... the replenishment was so slow that there was never enough lobster served to call this place AYCE....

        I forgot to mention that 8 of us will be going to the AYCE lobster restaurant so there's got to be enough lobster to go around for all of

        1. re: dickybilly

          Ah there is the secret, you need to go by yourself and carefully hoover around the lobster.

          1. re: irodguy

            Exactly correct and that's what I've done, ie, gone alone and hovered over the

            BTW, I've been told that Beijing Restaurant/Buffet in Frisco has lobster on their dinner buffet..chopped up and sauteed with onions and greens.... $10.99 pp

            I'm still looking for AYCE Whole Lobster, buffet or waiter service, within 100 miles of Dallas, each person gets as many individual lobsters as they can eat for the money...I care not if the lobsters are 1lb-ers or culls of larger size...

            1. re: dickybilly

              Why not just go to a regular restaurant and order 3 lobster dinners for under $75? Any lobster AYCE place is going to cost you more than $50 anyway.

              Lobster is so rich, unless you are Kobayashi, no way you'll finish all 3 dinners.

            2. re: irodguy

              But be warned, I've been there twice and found the lobsters to be nasty. They bread them and then fry them in some kind of grease that gets soaked up in the breading. It's awful tasting and a waste of good lobster.

      2. Daddy Jack's used to offer a special, but no idea if they still do.

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        1. re: dalaimama

          The Palm has a lobster special going on through the end of July. You can get a 4 lb, 5 lb or 6lb lobster with a bunch of sides for $90,$105,$125 respectively. Its not all you can eat, but a 6 lb lobster would be quite a feed....

          1. re: PeterQ

            thanks for the Palm info, I had already seen this but rejected it because eating one 4 lb lobster isn't the same as continuously eating 1-2lb-ers ...

            Daddy Jacks does not offer a lobster AYCE special and suggests that its not done anywhere...

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            1. In Houston at the china town in Bellaire, it has some chinese restaurants that sale 2 lobsters for under $20.