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Jul 12, 2007 11:42 AM

Chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream

Hi All-

I am pregnant and dying for a chocolate soft serve ice cream cone! Can anyone tell me where I might be able to get one any where near Long Beach/ Lakewood / Cerritos? I don't want frozen yogurt, I want real ice cream.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. I feel your craving, Lisa! Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any amazing soft serve in the LBC, but if you're willing to drive to Irvine you definitely should try Strickland's. They have the best chocolate soft serve ever, and it's a great deal.

    Good luck with your pregnancy!

    1. what about wendy's - their chocolate frosty is very tasty!

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      1. re: allisonteal

        I was going to say that. Is it wrong of me to really, really like the vanilla frosty, too? I go out of my way for Pazzo and Bulgarini but also like mass-produced junk :-( Guilty pleasure!

        1. re: running pig

          Dont frett, I actually like the vanilla cone at McDonalds.. Never been to Wendys, now I have a reason..

        2. re: allisonteal

          I was going to suggest Wendy's too! I don't know what it s about those chocolate frosty's, but they're so good. They're not too sweet like other places.

        3. is there a carvel near you?

          Also, try chain "salad bar" places, like Hometown buffet, souplantation. they let people just go in for dessert.

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          1. re: Diana

            That Souplantation in Lakewood has some kind of chocolate soft serve but can't remember if it is yogurt or not. You might just give Golden Spoon a try for a sample, although it is yogurt it doesn't have much tang. Right near the RiteAid in Los Altos. If that doesn't work out Wendy's is across the street on Bellflower.

            1. re: mlgb

              Souplantation is yogurt. Plus, it's fat free and almost watery.

          2. Any Dairy Queens by you? I know it's a chain, but I love their product personally!

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            1. re: Emme

              Great rec Emme. Dairy Queen is very high quality -- smooth. We have stopped at the one on PCH in Huntigton Beach for years but more recently we like the one in Long Beach even more because it is such a great place to eat inside -- so clean and new. The chocolate soft serve dipped in chocolate is perfect. You can also get it covered in sprinkles.

              Congrats Virgolisa.

              Dairy Queen
              5708 E 7th St
              Long Beach, CA 90803-2002

            2. When I lived in LB, there was a Fosters Freeze on 2nd (I think it was 2nd) that had chocolate soft serve.

              There is an original (falling down original) Fosters ice cream stand in old town Torrance that has very good chocolate soft serve.