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Jul 12, 2007 11:24 AM

sushi in Lincolnshire, Il

I will be visiting Lincolnshire in a couple days and was hoping to find a sushi bar close by the marriot theater, or short drive. Any recomendations?

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  1. Head east on Rt. 22 and the a bit north on Rt 43 / Waukegan Rd. to Sushi Kushi Toyo in Lake Forrest.

    Sushi Kushi Toyo

    825 S Waukegan Rd
    Lake Forest, IL 60045
    (847) 234-9950

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    1. re: Markauf

      I agree with this recommendation! I've been there and it's quite delicious!

    2. Depends on how close is close... :)

      Kamehachi is a good place and probably about a 15 minute drive from where you'll be staying. They are a full restaurant, so you can have both raw and cooked preparations.

      1320 Shermer Road
      Northbrook, IL 60062
      (847) 562-0064

      Upstairs from Tramonto's Steak and Seafood is a place called RT Lounge, which has great sushi. The menu may be a bit smaller than some other sushi joints, but the fish is always very fresh and I really enjoy their preparations and the overall atmosphere. They have a steakhouse attached, so cooked food is also an option there. Probably about a 10 minute drive.

      601 N. Milwaukee Avenue.
      Wheeling, Illinois
      (located on the Westin property; some GPS's don't quite get you here I've found


      Those would be my two top picks. I haven't been to Sushi Kushi in a while, but I have friends that say their food is very good as well.

      Hope this helps!


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      1. re: MDhaliwal

        Have you been to RT Lounge recently? I've never seen such a dramatic turn for the worse at any high-end place. The talented sushi chefs are gone and the selections have been dumbed down. (Unless something has changed very recently.) When the sushi chef doesn't know the right way to cut the fish, you know you're in trouble. Truly terrible (and very sad, because I LOVED their sushi).

        1. re: Pugman

          Wow, really? I'm usually through ~1 a week, but I do tend to get many of the same rolls, such as the yellowtail scallion, california, salmon cucumber and spicy tuna rolled rice side out and then rolled in tempura crumbs (not actually the shrimp "RT" version, but adding the crumbs themselves for texture/taste). I have recently brought some first timers with me who all loved it, so maybe you hit it on a bad night?

          I do know what you mean - they've had quite a few chefs come and go. The folks behind there right now are very friendly, but I don't know them nearly as well as I did some of the previous chefs. The menu has been slimmed down quite a bit since opening, being more RT heavy, but I've asked them in the past to prepare non-RT style selections instead and they have.

          I'll give it a whirl again tomorrow night probably. Sushi does sound good, especially after reading this thread... :)

          1. re: MDhaliwal

            Three not-so-good experiences a week or two apart is more than just a bad night. This was my "regular" sushi place (a few times per week) for a few months, so my observations are based on many, many meals. Initially, the quality was almost at the level of Morimoto or Nobu--super-fresh, creative and beautifully presented (expensive and worth it). Now it just seems like "hotel sushi"--average quality at expense account prices.

            If there is even one truly excellent sushi bar in the Northern 'burbs, it would be news to me.

            1. re: Pugman

              Wow, so we sound very similar in many regards here. We probably have run into each other at RT, if you were in there that often, since it was my regular sushi joint as well! :)

              I agree in that I used to get more interesting preparations and thoughtful creations that weren't listed anywhere that I knew of. I'm not sure if the change is more corporate directed, in that they had such a huge influx of business for so long, that they made an effort to reduce the menu to help accommodate larger crowds quickly or if it is all a matter of the numerous personnel changes. I've seen the current crew come up with some interesting looking dishes - I just hadn't ordered them! ;)

              I talked with a few folks over there last night (I was eating across the way at claim jumper and decided to stop by RT for coffee and dessert) and it turns out that they have a brand new executive sushi chef. I've heard promising things about his creativity and use of ingredients, so I'm going to go to RT tonight and see what he can provide. I'll make sure to write in about my experience. Maybe we'll see some new additions to the menu.

              1. re: MDhaliwal

                That's some encouraging news. I look forward to your report.

                1. re: Pugman

                  Well, I stopped by last night. Unfortunately, the new chef was not in, so I was unable to try his new concoctions. The sushi I did order (spicy tuna inside out, yellowtail scallion and salmon cucumber) were all made well and enjoyed by all of us. We did notice that there was some new embellishments on the plate. For example, the ginger was presented as a very pretty flower, with cucumber made into a multiple layer cup, with very pretty, thin slicing and the ginger nicely presented inside. Hard to verbally explain, but it was a nice touch. The wasabi was also presented with thinly sliced carrot garnish, but it was picked off the plate before I could really see it! :)

                  So, I'll have to try again to see what the new chef brings, but the food seemed fine to us. Guess I'll have to go back again....

                  What do you normally order in there?


                  1. re: MDhaliwal

                    Ok, so I finally had the chance to try the work of the new sushi chef. Last night, I ordered some of my old favorites, as usual. They were done well and had different ornamental flowers, as garnish. One was the cucumber and ginger flower I saw last time and there was another that was created completely out of sliced cucumber, which was exceptionally pretty and very well done. I believe there was one more on the plate, but, honestly, I was starving! :)

                    Karen also tried an interesting scallop presentation, which looked like individual flowers. Each scallop had its own, thin, layered cucumber bowl to hold it and was then topped with black caviar and a sauce. The presentation was very pretty and very well done. Enjoyed all around.

                    Obviously this is just the start, as he is brand new to the restaurant, but looks promising.

                    1. re: MDhaliwal

                      I remembered a camera when we tried one of their new creations, combining raw presentations, truffled potato chips and caviar.

                      1. re: MDhaliwal

                        That picture looks too real to be real, is it from a magazine?!

                        1. re: Matt Odwyer

                          Thanks! That actually is a real picture that I took in RT Lounge one evening. It was not touched up or modified, besides just scaling down the original, so that it fits into the web page and doesn't take too long to download. :)

                          1. re: MDhaliwal

                            Pugman and MD...I appreciate your "taking one for the team" and giving RT Lounge another try. My husband and I have been wanting to get over there and try it since we'd love to find a good sushi place in the area. I know a lot of people love Sushi Kushi, but every time we've been there the enjoyment of their great sushi is dampened by the fact that it's been crowded and very loud. I also wish the room was ventilated a bit better as the air tends to feel stuffy to me.

                            I look forward to more reports on RT Lounge after their new chef has settled in.