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Jul 12, 2007 11:06 AM

With Zinn's closed, where to eat on Turnpike?

Hi, all,

I live in Malvern, and we're driving to Hershey on Saturday. We'd like to stop somewhere for breakfast, but Zinn's is closed, and we're out of ideas. I thought someone had taken over Zinn's and named it something like the Lynbrook Diner, but I'm having no luck finding it online.

Does anyone know if Zinn's is still operating, albeit under another name? And if so, if it's any good?

Alternately, if anyone has a good suggestion for breakfast elsewhere along that route, please let me know! We don't eat red meat (but have no problem with eggs, pancakes, etc.), so any place that heavily features scrapple, sausage, etc., isn't of particular interest to us. I'd _like_ to eat something healthy, but I also realize I'll be traveling through PA Dutch country, where it's carb heaven... :-p



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  1. Amy...the old Zinns is still open....its now called Park Place....2nd owners
    since Zinns closed....its good and you get alot of food. South of Zinns on 272
    is the Silk City Diner about a 1/2 mile away. I prefer Silk City for breakfast.

    1. Just on the outskirts of Hershey is the "hershey pantry". One of my favorite places in the area for Breakfast.


      1. Thanks, all! Shawn, we'll probably skip the Hershey Pantry this time -- I'm diabetic and so will want to get breakfast somewhere along the way, earlier than when we arrive at Hershey (which I think takes about two hours from here). And thanks, Marilyn -- that exit is probably going to be our best bet, whether we do Silk City or Park Place (I've seen positive and negative reviews of both, but Silk City seems to have been renovated more recently, and seems to get better marks for cleanliness...).

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          Amy...I think the renovated Silk City Diner is in Philly.

          1. re: Marilyn

            There is also a Silk City diner in Ephrata.

        2. I know you specifcally asked for breakfast, but if you are interested in lunch you can try Stoudt's in Adamstown, just a few minutes from the old Zinn's location. They have a great bar menu and, of course, some fantastic beers. My other favorite stop along that route is Boehrings, less than 5 minutes from Stoudt's. They have great sandwiches and homemade ice cream.