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Toronto Bourbon/Whiskey Tastings??

Does anyone know of any places in Toronto that regularly hold (or have one coming up soon) Bourbon and or Whiskey tastings?

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    1. There was a scotch tasting/purchasing society that held occasional tasting dinners, called An Quach. (A "quach" is a sort of tastevin for scotch, in Gaelic; "an" is "the".) I don't know whether they are still active.

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        Yes they are. My husband goes everytime. The next one on July 19. I have to ask him for the details.

      2. Industry Worker might be able to help you with this one...

        1. Southern Accent has flights of bourbon and bourbon tastings.

          1. C'est What on Front St. also has a pretty good Scotch/Bourbon/Whiskey selection (although I'm no expert by any means).

            1. It isn't until next March, but the Ad Astra convention always has a Scotch tasting. One thing I've learned over the past few years-- science fiction authors LOVE their Scotch.

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                The Quiach (my scottish parents will cringe at my spelling) Society does monthly tastings. There are mulitple chapters in the GTA. Usually 4 scotches and dinner for $60 but I have been to when they feature whiskies from other parts of the world.

                Whisky Live is a huge promo event for the whisky industry. There's one in October I believe.

                If you want bars.... Alans on the Danforth. And for some reason Via Allegro, the biggest whisky list in the world!

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                  ^^ Is "whiskey live" like the food & wine show, but with whiskey? What's the best time & day to go?

              2. Via Allegro accross from Sherway Gardens on Queensway has to have one the most impressive Scotch and Wiskey collections. I know you asked for bourbon or whiskey but I was just there this past weekend. They have three different scotch tastings divided up by age and areas of production.

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                  Via Allegro, Allen's and a place in NB. (The Lunar Rogue Pub) all won honors with the British publication "Whiskey" in both 2006-2007. There were only 5 places in Canada that made any mention. FYI: Whiskey prices are much lower in New Brunswick....If you are looking to buy, that is.

                2. Feathers Pub on Kingston Road holds monthly scotch tastings.....they normally sell out quickly and they are a lot of fun. P.s. My husband tells me that they specialize in single malts, which is quite different, apparently.

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                    If you're still looking for whisky evenings, the Quaich Society is doing a whisky dinner October 29....

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                      I second the Feathers Pub for single malt tastings. Their next "Whisky Challenge" is Dec. 4.

                      962 Kingston Rd, Toronto, ON M4E1S7, CA

                    2. For those interested, I just saw in the C'est What newsletter than they're having a whisky tasting even on Oct 24. You need to get tix in advance. Details here:


                      C'est What
                      67 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E1B5, CA

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                        There is a sponsored tasting coming up in November for members of www.xyyz.ca