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Jul 12, 2007 10:55 AM

Toronto Bourbon/Whiskey Tastings??

Does anyone know of any places in Toronto that regularly hold (or have one coming up soon) Bourbon and or Whiskey tastings?

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    1. There was a scotch tasting/purchasing society that held occasional tasting dinners, called An Quach. (A "quach" is a sort of tastevin for scotch, in Gaelic; "an" is "the".) I don't know whether they are still active.

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      1. re: hungry_pangolin

        Yes they are. My husband goes everytime. The next one on July 19. I have to ask him for the details.

      2. Industry Worker might be able to help you with this one...

        1. Southern Accent has flights of bourbon and bourbon tastings.

          1. C'est What on Front St. also has a pretty good Scotch/Bourbon/Whiskey selection (although I'm no expert by any means).