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Jul 12, 2007 10:55 AM

Pho in Concord area?

please recommend your favorite places for Pho in the "Diablo valley" area. I know the best are probably west of the tunnel, but I want the best close place.

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  1. I have been to Huynh in Walnut Creek and the pho place in the mini mall where the Country Market is in Pleasant Hill. The former has a nice decor and price to match. The soup was not bad and the ingredients were high quality, but there were only a couple of noodle soups to pick from. The latter is a true pho place - cheap and cheerful.
    I have yet to try Da Lat, across from Huynh. I wonder if that might be a happy medium?

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        I just went to Phở Hoa Phat 1 the other day after reading about it here and I loved it! I found this page through a Google search and was so pleased with the ease of finding such a great restaurant that I just joined Chowhound. : )

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          Welcome to Chowhound, Mara. What did you order?

      2. I like Pho Hoa Phat 1 in Concord. I eat out alot and have eat pho in lots of places and it's the best I've had in CC County. Not fancy, but I don't go for the decor. Address is 508 Contra Costa Blvd Ste P, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523. No, I don't have any connection to this resto.

        1. There are a couple... there's Pho Hoa Phat (already mentioned) on Contra Costa Blvd. It's right next to County Square Market and across the street from Wendy's.

          The other one is Pho Hoa Hiep aka Kevin's Noodle House on Willow Pass Rd. This is in the Park 'N Shop area, right next to Golden Bay market.

          There's also another one on the opposite end of Contra Costa Blvd.. but I forget the name. It's in the same parking lot as Goodwill, Radio Shack, and a couple of other places. It's across the street from McDonald's and Taco Bell, I believe.

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            I've been to all of those places, and my favorite is the last one you mentioned. I like to get one of those chinese sausages on the side when I get my pho there, which most places don't have. Also, their hoisin and sriracha is thicker and better than other places for some reason. Plus, it has pretty good service for a pho joint.

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              I like the one that is in front of Fry's on Willow Pass (can't remember the name). From Fry's front door, look straight out towards Willow Pass. You'll see it on your left. Good food, reasonable prices, friendly servers.

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                Saigon Bistro
                1701 Willow Pass Rd Ste F, Concord, CA 94520

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                  Second the Saigon Bistro rec, great broth on the pho.

            2. Da Lat in Walnut Creek is a good choice. Still, nothing here like Downtown Oakland, but this one is reliable. Also, try the RJ Noodle House on Newell Ave. in WC near Whole Foods. Small take-out spot run by a husband-wife team (she is Vietnamese, he is Caucasian). They have a bit of an interesting menu that is different from the other Vietnamese places in WC. I have never been to Saigon, but I imagine this is more like a street-style noodle house from over there....

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                I've tried RJ Noodle House, but only once last year. When I heard there was a place that sells banh mi in Walnut Creek, I just had to try it out. Saigon Bistro makes sandwiches, too, as well as pho and the typical rice plates. The place is pretty clean, too (it used to be a furniture store).