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Jul 12, 2007 10:51 AM

need recs Columbus Ave & 70s

I'll be staying on 71 off Columbus for a week and would appreciate recs for breakfast, lunch, dinner, takeout, groceries, anything nearby. We have a small baby who is well-behaved in restaurants but, still, some fancy places frown on little ones so we'd appreciate knowing which places are baby-friendly. We would like to have at least one really nice price-is-no-object meal, plus varying (in price, ethnicity, styel) options for other meals. Taking a cab or subway is kind of a production w/ a baby, so we mostly want to stay in that 'hood. We love all types of food, especially Asian. Thanks.

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  1. Columbus Bakery is good for breakfast, and I've seen plenty of babies in there.

    1. For groceries Fairway (74th & Bway); Fairway also has a cafe (breakfast/lunch) and I've seen plenty of people in there with strollers. For mostly cheap type lunch try Big Nick's (71st at Columbus) or Caridad 78 (on Bway at 78th, chinocubano) or for a little outdoors (and stroller friendly) try the Boat Basin Cafe (79th at the Hudson). The best neighborhood slice is New Pizza Town (Bway & 78th). You could try Cesca or Telepan or Ouest for dinner. We also like La Grolla for a different type of Italian (great gnocci, some game on the menu).

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        I second the rec for Fairway and Fairway Cafe. I was just in the cafe last weekend for brunch and saw at least 2-3 families with strollers and infants.

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          1.patsy's pizza on W74 and Columbus is absolutely great with kids. pizza by the pie along with salads and pasta. really good food.
          2. arturo (great deli) on brdwy and W82 is great with kids and has the best pastrami in the nabe.
          3. earthen oven (w72 and col) is fantastic indian but they are not good with kids at all which is a shame. the indian food here is one of the best in the city in my opinion.
          4. there's a casual diner on columbus near W68 which has outdoor seating. the food is much better than nick's in my opinion.
          5. i completely agree that new pizza town is the best pizza in town by far. you'll probably see francesca's (on W68th and Columbus) which is also a casual pizzeria. definitely not as good as new pizza town, in my opinion, but the food and pizza are perfectly fine there (i like it better than nick's by far) and, in fact, some people really love the place.
          6. i think china fun (columbus and W71) and ivy's (W72 bet Col and Amsterdam) are the best chinese in the nabe. both seem to accommodate kids just fine. china fun has a huge dim sum menu that can be ordered anytime, any day. there are also special dim sum breakfast items on weekend mornings and afternoons.
          7. buttercup bakery on W72 across from ivy's has great cupcakes in my opinion but many will disagree. nice table and chairs to sit with the baby.
          8. yup, fairway is best for groceries but it's crowded and if you need more practical groceries, you can slip over to food emporium (brdwy and W68) or pioneer (columbus and W73). pioneer closes at 10pm and is closed on sundays. food emporium is open nearly 24 hours. i think they close earlier on weekend evenings.
          9. you may be interested in harry's burritos. i'm not keen on the food there at all but outdoor seating will accommodate the baby, i think, and it may be a fun lunch.
          10. telepan (on columbus near W68th or W69th) might be your nice restaurant option. not sure how they are with kids. ouest is also a really nice place.i just looked above and saw the reco for these two places so i guess i cna say i second the recos.
          11. limeleaf is the new thai in the nabe. so so. it's on W72 bet col and amsterdam. the only other thai is land but it is further uptown but that place is packed and too small for baby.
          12. there is a great sushi place on the east side of columbus between W73 and W74 that has seating upstairs. the place is cute but packed. not sure about babies. maybe you can takeout.
          13. i don't like city grill at all. food isn;t so great and it's expensive for what it is but it's always crowded so maybe it's me.
          14. good simple deli for coldcuts open til 2am on columbus bet W72 and W73
          15. gourmet food shop for ok salads and wraps on Col bet W72 and W73
          16. muffin shop on columbus near W70. good desserts and light breakfast
          small space.
          17. arte around the corner on columbus and w71 is good for desserts and wraps as well.
          HAVE FUN!!

      2. Viand--a diner with surprisingly decent food, especially breakfast--roomier than Big Nick's w/a baby.
        Fairway Cafe for breakfast
        Zabars & cafe next door--for deli-prepared food delights
        Citarella--for "gourmet" prepared takeout foods, pastries, cheeses
        Westside Market--a smaller supermarket that I use when Fairway is mobbed on weekends.
        Arte Around the Corner--good bakery
        Buttercup Bakeshop--cakes & cupcakes
        Homemade--baked goods
        Le Pain Quotidien--belgian bakery chain--very good
        Levain--great scones
        Beacon--Wine shop
        Pour--very cool wine shop
        Juice Generation--for smoothies, juice
        Bistro Cassis--casual bistro
        Compass--my personal fave for upscale--can work for early dinner w/a baby
        Telepan--wil be suggested--dont think its baby friendly
        Ouest--haven't been in a long while, but "upscale
        Sido--very casual grilled middle eastern & falafel

        Check all suggestions @:

        1. I'd add a few to the already good lists:

          1) patsy's pizza - 74th/columbus for good pizza - kind of cramped but also may work for takeout
          2) EJ's - 82nd/amsterdam is stroller/kids heaven
          3) Harry's burritos - right on 71st columbus - while not exactly memorable, they have a couple of outside tables with good stroller parking
          4) maybe an early dinner at landmarc in time warner center

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            Agree with EJ's for kid friendly. Also, if going up to the 80s, there's Homer's too. Our nieces love it.

          2. Tenzan @ Columbus & 73rd for what may now be the best sushi on the UWS. Upstairs is more comfortable, but saw a stroller downstairs just last night.

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              thanks, JoanN. this was the sushi place i was referring to above in #12 of my list. i always forget the name. it's always packed and i know it's great. definitely agree.