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Jul 12, 2007 10:37 AM

ribs and bbq on reisterstown rd.....

i was told there is a good bbq place out reisterstown rd towards westminister, anyone have any idaes???

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  1. Have no idea of where this place could be...there is a sign up on a renovation for a
    BBQ restaurant just past Rte 91 in the Finksburg area!!! But I don't think its completed

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    1. re: Hue

      Smokers is opening this fall and it's supposed to be takeout only no table.
      Smokers was the same guy at spring meadows nursery that did smoked pit beef and smoked turkey.
      Beefshakes is 795 to 30 north and it's on the right before Reisterstown Lumber. You actually turn in like you are going to the lumber yard and at the end of the lane hang a right and it's on the right. That's open year round and has seating and it's really good.
      There's also corner stable in Cockeysville open year round that has good ribs too.

    2. The place near Finksburg says "Coming Soon" and there's a phone number for applications. The name is something like Smokey BBQ and it's right next Stubby's, and i lttle west of Rt 91.

      There's a place called Beef Shakes a little way down Rt 30 after it switches from Rt 140 (link below), perhaps it's that place.

      In Reisterstown (Reisterstown Rd at Painters Mill) is Mr Chelsea's which has several types of BBQ (I like the pulled pork best) and has ribs, but that's likely not what you mean.



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        It will be interesting to see if the place in Finksburg does well. I'm not too sure about that location. I think it would have worked better on the other side of 140 so that it could get people driving home from work. Of course where it is works well for me, but I'm one of the 5 people who work in Westminster but live in Baltimore

        1. re: KOK

          I just tried Beef Shakes, and was very surprised. The quality was good, and the pricing was very reasonable. I had a bowl of crab and corn chowder, and the "rib trio special", which was three ribs, some shredded meat BBQ, some pit beef, fries and cole slaw.

          The carb and corn chowder was very nice - far better than I'd expect from a road-side stand, even one that has a few indoor tables. Imagine a decent cream of crab soup with corn added, or pehaps a nice white clam chowder made with crab instead of clams. And at $4, it was a steal.

          The special was also a bargain at $11. The ribs were meaty and fall-off -the-bone tender, and a nice, if not memorable sauce. I'm not sure I'd go there just for the ribs, but by no means are they a let-down. For me, it's hard to bypass Andy Nelson's if I'm going to take a drive just for ribs.

          The BBQ had a very nice sauce and good flavor, and had been slow cooked to that sort of "melted meat" texture where there is still some evidence of the meat's fibers, but it's on the verge of turning to total mush. There's a window in there between "still very meaty texture" and "mush" that is hard to hit, but this batch was exquisite. Granted, there are those who don't like the texture rendered by long, slow cooking of things like pot roast, but for those who like it, this BBQ was a very fine example, and the sauce gave it more character than the ribs. I'm not sure if it's the same sauce, with the differnce being the flavor of the underlying meat and the cooking method, or if this is a different sauce. Whatever the case, I liked it, and I'd bet a BBQ sandwich would be a very good option here.

          The pit beef was a very solid example. Nicely cooked, thinly sliced, using good quality meat. Pit beef's a fairly simple thing, but a focus on the details makes the difference. Again, I think the sandwich version would be a solid choice, if the sample of the meat that I had was typical.

          Even the fries were quite nice. Often in such places, the fries are flacid, for lack of a better word. These were skin-on fries, done properly in the context of the "single fry" method. If you're expecting the "frites" double-frying type, these are not it, but given that many places undercook fries, or cook them at the wrong temperature, rendering them limp and greasy, it's nice to find a place that does their fries competently - not limp, not crisped beyond redemption, but just right.

          On the whole, I'd say that this place is worth checking out if you are in the"Land at the End of 795". While this was only one visit, I was surprised and impressed enough that I will definitely go back to explore further the next time I'm up in that vicinity.

          1. re: Warthog

            Please, tell me more about Beef Shakes - what is it like inside?

            1. re: Denise

              You don't gp to Beefshakes for the "atmosphere".......just a few picnic tables

              1. re: MDicecreamguy

                we went there and it's nice inside and out. Actually they have wooden tables with silver diner chairs and it was really clean and the atmosphere was 5o's music playing and it was really friendly. food was great and well worth it.

            2. re: Warthog

              Thanks for the lengthy review WH. I sometimes work at the OM exit of 795 so making the trek up to Route 30 is pretty easy. I'll have to get up there one day this week!

              I assume they have take-out as well?

              1. re: bordeauxfan

                Yep, it seems to be largely a take-out place, but as mentioned above, there are a couple of tables outside, and a couple inside. They also appear to have a decent selection of smoothies, shakes and soft-serve items, but I didn't try any of that.

                Perhaps the thing that surprised me the most is that the place is hidden behind the treeline as you go down 30, so you don't really see the building from 30. When I turned in, I expected a typical rough-hewn wood "rib shack" type of building, but it turns out that this place is more along the lines of "diner" construction. Not that it makes a difference in the food, but it was a bit of a shock, given my expectations.

                Actually, it's probably easier to take that little local road that forks off of 30 to the right just north of the intersection, as the driveway to Beef Shakes actually fronts onto that. Otherwise, you turn right off of 30 as if you were going to the lumber/brick yard, and then double back on that little side road.

              2. re: Warthog

                right on! I took your advise and went with a group on our way to the demolition derby. We wanted casual and no fuss so we opted for a local place and according to your experience we gave them a try. It was really good. affordable, clean, and staff is really friendly. I didn't mention I've been reading up on them and I got some inside scoop. Open just 3 years. totally family owned and operated. Dad, Daughter, her husband all in on it and love the business. I love this kind of place. You feel appreciated and you want good hard working people to do well. I think without trying they are kinda recreating the origonal small town burger joint but they have jumbo lump crab cakes (had one) they cut their own fries (yeah) homemade shrimp bisque (to die for) and the ribs were superior. That's what you get when you buy good fresh product, cook it correctly. and care! These people are sitting on a gold mine and don't really know it yet. They just love their neighborhood and want to pass this thing down to their kids. They also kinda work there with them. The little girls probably 10 and can write orders and take your money. It must run in their genes. They cater so don't be afraid to get a big order to go they apparently have a catering rig and a mobile kitchen already. The little girl said her mom catered a big wedding last month and they were doing alot of festivals this fall when school starts. Kids say the darndest things. They also have a candy jar (free) for anybody that's nice! We had a great time and it's outside and inside seating available. The people beside us said it's getting really popular. No wonder huh? It's a little off the beaten path but that's a good thing. Who wants to look at cars or mall people or a highway. It's a treat to sit on a grassy knoll and smell fresh air. Everyone try's worth going