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Jul 12, 2007 10:34 AM

dessert: hot chocolate or tru?

I'll be visiting Chicago for the first time next weekend. I've already got dinner reservations at Alinea for one of the nights, and have some free time on another night to satisfy my sweet tooth. Which spot would you rather venture to for dessert and why?

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  1. i think that the quality is top notch at both. i really like the concept(%breakdown of chocolat) at hot chocolate. I also feel a dessert only diner is very welcomed at hot chocolate, moreso than i would assume at tru.

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    1. re: mitch cumstein

      Thanks! But Tru does offer dessert-only reservations so I'm sure they know just how popular their desserts are.

      If you had to pick one where would you go?

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        I've not been to Hot Chocolate, but Tru's desserts are FABulous!

    2. Dessert Only
      9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday
      10:30 to 11:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday

      At Tru

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        Thanks for the info. I didn't know they had designated times.

      2. My 2 cents. i dident liek hot chocolate. i have been there 3 times (different friends wanted to try it)
        I enjoyed the desserts at Tru but for the price was not impressed.
        I had only dessert at MK and loved it. we were there late and were treated very well. desserts and coffee were very good
        nice list of after dinner drinks by the glass
        we ended up spending about $40.00 because of the madera we drank
        overall a very excelent experence

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          What did you try at Hot Chocolate that just didn't do it for you?

          What's MK?

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            MK is Mike Kornics restaurant 868 north franklin
            At Hot chocolate we had a cookie plate (Small and everything tasted the same) chocolate cale that had a terribal frosting and doughnuts the doughnuts were fresh and hot but the dipping sauce dident come out when they did we asked and a raspberry sauce came 15 min later. when the doughnuts were cold and half gone
            i dont remember what else we had but i love to eat and i realy love dessert and i wont go back

            from what others have sent in TRU sounds good

        2. Can't speak for HC, but my wife and I did the dessert tasting menu at Tru a few years ago and were absolutely blown away. Frankly, it was more memorable than the full meal we had there a few years later (which was no slouch of a meal!). 5 "courses," each course consisted of two different items on your plate, and each person had completely different menus, so if you're sharing, you do 20 different desserts. Oops, forgot the amuses, palate cleansers, mignardese cart (go crazy!), etc., so bump that up to about 30 different items. If you opt to do this, eat a TINY dinner a couple of hours before. A good amount of chocolate, but lots of other good, decadent tastes as well.

          1. Tru...
            We were in Chicago last week and we loved it. Also, we were a bit concerned that we would be the red headed stepchildren of the room since we were not spending as much. But we thought the service was comparable with the other high end places we went including Spiaggia, Nomi, Everest, and Les Nomades. The only thing we noticed is that they asked us often about drinks. No big deal and they didn't offend when we refused. As for the desserts, we loved them, but we've never been to Hot Chocolate, so can't compare. As for price, $25 gets you an amuse, 2 full courses, palate cleanser, candy and mignardises. The courses were decided by the kitchen (though you may be able to request a particular dish - we were just content to try whatever they brought). We both got different dishes, so we got to try 4 different desserts between us. The first course is non chocolate, the second is focused on chocolate. I highly recommend it!

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              Mmm! Sounds delicious! Although now I dont know if I can fit Tru into the schedule because of the limited time for dessert-only reservations.

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                Try calling them, because I think that you can get the dessert tasting any time in the lounge. I am not sure, but its worth asking.