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Jul 12, 2007 10:30 AM

I got my Osteria Mozza reservation!

I called a little before 10:00 A.M. - actually, my first call was after 9:45, and it went through to Pizzeria Mozza's voicemail after a long series of rings - and got through. It was rough because the lines were really busy. I'm sure a lot of you on this board were doing the same thing this morning.

Anyway, it was tough negotiating a time. The restaurant is fully booked tomorrow. There's nothing until the wee hours Saturday. It's closed on Sundays. It's apparently not open for lunch. Finally I got an early dinner reservation a week from Sunday (July 21) for six. (After all my proselytizing, a lot of friends want to see what the fuss is about.) I'm excited! I shouldn't be so giddy about a restaurant reservation, but I am. I feel like I won a prize. That's kind of sad, isn't it? But I guess that's part of what makes people want to go to these hyped places...

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  1. Is there a menu posted somewhere?

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    1. re: CarlieInLA

      Here's the website:

      I didn't see a menu for the Osteria, but I did see one for the Pizzeria.

      1. re: katkoupai

        We went to Mozza last week on a visit from NY. I'm usually a little leary of the trendy, latest and greatest scene places, but this was great-everything about it-food, wine, service, etc. A little noisy. We did notice that although we made our reservation exactly a month ahead- there were a few walk-ins who did get seated- maybe at the bar, or if they just got lucky (we were there a little later on Thursday for a late lunch). Probably wouldn't do that unless I lived really locally or had a Plan B, but a few lucky people got seated without reservations with a bit of a wait. Enjoy!

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          I believe the original poster is referring to Osteria Mozza which is set to open tomorrow as opposed to the pizzeria next door. I'm sure reservations will be mandatory for the osteria for the next five years.

          1. re: love2eat

            Yes, Osteria Mozza, not the Pizzeria.

            And, to add to the overkill, I'm having lunch at Pizzeria Mozza tomorrow, so I'll try to survey the madness next door...

    2. I just got through and made one for Saturday, August 11 at 8:00 PM. Couldn't believe I could get a Saturday at 8 for 4, but very happy.

      1. what number did you call? I just get a busy signal at 323 297-0100. I finally got through, they all booked for this Sat. But I made a reservation for next weekend.

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        1. re: elainew

          Hit the redial, I got through with only about 5 rings less than 5 minutes ago, meaning 11a.m. Got a good ressy for Sat. August 4, so quality times are still available.

          1. re: elainew

   confirmed that ALL reservations were taken for the first month, yet every day they take reservations for the next day, meaning on the 15th of July they will take ressies for August 15, and it becomes a day to day issue.
            However, make one for the Pizzeria, go to the Osteria ahead of your Pizzeria reservation and see if they might have gotten a cancellation. If not, enjoy the Pizzeria.

          2. I got through also - within about 5 a reservation for this Monday at 7:30. But I wonder if I should wait a few weeks to go...seems like many restaurants are still working out the kinks in the beginning. Any thoughts?

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            1. re: Obessed

              Normally, I would definitely agree. However, I found Pizzeria Mozza to be better the first week it opened than it has been since then. Not sure if Osteria Mozza will follow suit and come out of the gate strong though. Btw, I'm going Aug 4 and got in at 8 PM. Carter, looks like I will see you there!

              1. re: Obessed

                Hey, if you want to trade, I wanted Monday, but was too late. I have a 7pm on the 24th.

                1. re: cyberroo

                  Well, I picked Monday cause my mom will be town and I thought it would be fun to treat her to a "trendy" LA experience.

                  1. re: cyberroo

                    Hey CYBERROO --- I can't go on Monday anymore so let me know if you want to trade before I the meantime, I made a new reservation for August 7 (that was the next reservation they had available when I called yesterday evening to switch it).

                    1. re: Obessed

                      Do you have 2 or 4? I really need 4 - I have the same problem you do, family in town! I'd be happy to give you my reservation for the 24th, if you wanted it.

                      You can email me if you prefer - amandafood at gmail

                2. Got through around 11am also after about half an hour of busy signals... there are still quite a few weekend times available (I initially asked for the 27th, and was able to get 8pm seats, but forgot I already had reservations then [for Craft!], so moved it to the following Tuesday.) I'm excited, even though I think this was the only time I've ever had to go through such a process to make reservations.