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Jul 12, 2007 10:08 AM

Rehearsal Dinner - Decatur/Ponce/Emory

HI! We're trying to plan our rehearsal dinner. Our first choice is Watershed, but we're unsure about the noise level. Has anyone been to a seated dinner there? We're expecting a total of 25 people. We're also considering Fritti since we had our first date there. Apparently, they have a loft that could hold us.

Anyone else have any suggestions? It's a Friday night in the fall. The church is on Ponce, halfway between Decatur and Virginia Highland.


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  1. I went to a rehearsal dinner at Manuels once. It was a lot of fun!

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    1. re: Katj

      I would not think Watershed would be very quiet or cozy for that occasion. I went to a private pary at Localina's right down the street from Fritti. It was very fun and cute, but I can't quite remember the food. Fritti is always delish.

    2. Friday at Fritti could be loud even in the loft...

      1. Cafe Alsace on Ponce in downtown Decatur is pretty small; you might explore the possibility of taking over whole restaurant for the evenings. I think they have done private parties in the past.

        1. One friend of ours did theirs at Eclipse di Luna. I'm a big fan, so I couldn't resist stuffing my face when presented with platters of their food.

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            They do have a little room off to the side that could be quieter/more private.... VERY fun too!

          2. Check out Rustic Gourmet. I used to go there a few years ago. Very quaint and good. (off Zonolite Road). I'm not sure, but it appears they are no longer an open restaurant, but specializing in private dinners.