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Rehearsal Dinner - Decatur/Ponce/Emory

HI! We're trying to plan our rehearsal dinner. Our first choice is Watershed, but we're unsure about the noise level. Has anyone been to a seated dinner there? We're expecting a total of 25 people. We're also considering Fritti since we had our first date there. Apparently, they have a loft that could hold us.

Anyone else have any suggestions? It's a Friday night in the fall. The church is on Ponce, halfway between Decatur and Virginia Highland.


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  1. I went to a rehearsal dinner at Manuels once. It was a lot of fun!

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      I would not think Watershed would be very quiet or cozy for that occasion. I went to a private pary at Localina's right down the street from Fritti. It was very fun and cute, but I can't quite remember the food. Fritti is always delish.

    2. Friday at Fritti could be loud even in the loft...

      1. Cafe Alsace on Ponce in downtown Decatur is pretty small; you might explore the possibility of taking over whole restaurant for the evenings. I think they have done private parties in the past.

        1. One friend of ours did theirs at Eclipse di Luna. I'm a big fan, so I couldn't resist stuffing my face when presented with platters of their food.

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            They do have a little room off to the side that could be quieter/more private.... VERY fun too!

          2. Check out Rustic Gourmet. I used to go there a few years ago. Very quaint and good. (off Zonolite Road). I'm not sure, but it appears they are no longer an open restaurant, but specializing in private dinners.

            1. We actually had ours at Ray's on the River. It was very pleasant in the fall, the food was good and they gave us our own room. We also looked at Eclipse di Luna, as previously recommended, and it would work extremely well for a party of 25.

              1. Try Wahoo Grill in Decatur. I just went there for a party of about 100 people. It was not a seated dinner, but a buffet instead. They did a great job and everyone loved the food.
                They might be able do a seated dinner for 25. http://www.wahoogrilldecatur.com/soci...

                1. Sorry I posted and ran. Our internet's been down at work forever!

                  Thanks for all the ideas. We're trying to stay in a certain area b/c my fiancee's family from Germany will be here and we want to keep it easy. We thought about Cafe Alsace, b/c we love it. But all the Germans live very close to Alsace, so we'd like to give them something different!

                  Off to do some more research. Thanks again (and keep more ideas coming)!


                  1. I had my rehearsal dinner at Sweet Melissa's on the Square in Decatur. We had the whole restaurant rented out and the food was great. My brother's was at Sage on the square. They have an upstairs loft area that you can use. It holds probably 30 or so seated with room to move around. There are lots of great places on the square and it is on Ponce so it's easy to navigate as well. Hope that helps!

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