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Jul 12, 2007 10:04 AM


Does anyone know anything about a restaurant in Poulsbo, WA that was opened by a husband and wife team in a converted farmhouse? Someone once said something to me about it, but I can't track it down.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Sounds like Molly Ward's Garden. Had lunch there once. Thought it pricey and selection somewhat limited.

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    1. I don't know about the farmhouse thing but the one I know is on the Waterfront called The Loft-great food and wonderful service and the view from the deck is great!!!

      1. Also try the Manor Farm Inn , a working english farm with a great restaurant

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          I looked at the website and it looks like they are a B&B. Do they serve meals to non B&B customers?

          Billy Bob

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            In its prime, the Manor Farm Inn was a very special, wonderful place. It was owned and operated by an English veterinarian, Robin Hughes, and his wife Jill, who opened it in 1982. Robin kept and cared for a large number of farm animals there. The grounds, rooms, and animals were all meticulously maintained. The Inn served breakfast and dinner, and both were reliably good. In the evenings, before dinner, there was a cozy lounge where you could go for complimentary sherry and nibbles before dinner. Non-guests could reserve a table for either breakfast or dinner. The ambience was that of an English farm, and it was delightful.

            Then, alas, came THE DIVORCE. Jill filed for divorce in 1992, and Robin left the scene, leaving Jill in charge. The Inn fell on hard times. It stopped serving dinner in 1995, then briefly resumed serving dinners on Friday and Saturday nights in 1997. In 1999, Jill Hughes sold the Inn to Janet Plemmons. After Robin Hughes departure, most of the animals disappeared, the upkeep of the grounds and rooms deteriorated significantly, and dinner was eventually scrapped entirely. I’m not sure whether, at the present time, non-guests can eat breakfast there. The present owner, Janet Plemmons, has done nothing to restore Manor Farm Inn to its former days of glory. She is often absent and has the reputation of being curt and surly. Mostly, it seems, the place relies on weddings and special events for its revenues. In short, the present Manor Farm Inn is just a faint shadow of its former self.

            You can eat dinner nearby at Molly Ward Gardens. The owner-chef there, Sam Ward, tries hard. The food isn’t spectacular, but it’s okay and the ambience is rustic, folksy and comfortable.

            You can find acceptable food in Poulsbo, but nothing that will rock your world. For that, you will have to go to Seattle.

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              I would add that Mor Mor Bistro equals or even surpasses a number of Seattle venues and now offers patio dining.

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                I respectfully dissent. I have found Mor Mor very inconsistent. Some dishes are okay, and some aren't. It's menu is ambitious, but the results are very uneven at best. It may be better than "a number of Seattle venues," but not the good ones.

                1. re: Tom Armitage

                  I agree with etoiledunord and heartily disagree with Tom A. I have never had a bad meal at MorMor. As for the concept of consistency, there is not a restaurant since the beginning of time that has not, at one time or another, put out a less than perfect product, or failed to meet the expectations of someone's taste buds. That would include the "good ones" in Seattle. That does not make them "inconsistent", in my humble opinion, based on more than 30 years in food service. One does not have to go to Seattle to have a fine dining experience, notwithstanding the neverending chorus of Seattle holier-than-thou's.

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                    Wow, all I can say is vive la difference. One of the best features of Chowhound is the diversity of opinions posted by sophisticated, knowledgeable diners. Of course, no restaurant is 100% consistent. But there are degrees of consistency, and we are all entitled to our opinions about the relative odds of getting good food at any given restaurant. To suggest that those odds are the same for all restaurants, or irrelevant to our rating of a restaurant, is ridiculous. At least you have provoked me into giving Mor Mor another try. I'll post the results.

        2. Probably Molly Wards Garden and they are one of the top restaurants in the region. The 'limited' menu is a fresh sheet that changes with availability. The owners are husband and wife, and it is named after their dog. The gardens are a lovely setting to dine in, and the interior is fun and funky. The food is fabulous and they will accommodate any requests that you make, though trusting the chef is the best preparation you can get. This place is well off the beaten path and not advertised anywhere, but the web site should get you there easily enough.

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            Added to my list of places to try. Thanks for the tip.

            Billy Bob