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Jul 12, 2007 09:12 AM

Columbia SC: Special dinner

Hi all,

Although I grew up in Columbia I've been gone for 30 years. We have a special family occasion coming up in August. I am leaning toward Divino but would welcome other opinions as to really special places in Columbia these days.


Ric Ashley
Evanston, Illinois

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  1. Depends on how many in your party, if it's a lively special occasion or a wedding proposal type of special occasion. Ethnic food or more mainstream? Little more info would help recommendations but my special dinner place was always either Baan Saawan, a quaint and higher-end Thai place in 5 points (try the 3-flavored duck) or Diane's on Divine for upscale fine Italian (pricey but a nice experience)

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      Thanks; this is a birthday dinner for 4 of us. Ethnic is not likely to work for my family (my folks are pretty straightforward in therir tastes--they typically go to the Blue Marlin for a night out) so I will certainly look at Diannes, about which I had not thought.
      Best wishes and thanks,

    2. I have lived in Columbia for some time and anyone that asks should visit Hampton Street Vineyard! Thet are located across from the Downtown Marriott on Hampton Street. They are the only Columbia location that has the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence, and one of 3 in South Carolina. The food is seasonal, but the crab cakes are the best outside of Maryland! They have an intimate wine room for private dining up to ten people. Outdoor seating is available and they have the most astute staff in the city. If you do choose to go, ask for Bill Murphy or Lee Talmadge, they are the working owners. Tell them Tim and Julie said hello!

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        agree with tim. Hampton street vineyard is wonderful. quaint (actually can get a little loud with a boystrous table) the food is always fresh and superbly prepared.

        there's also motor supply co followed by dessert at nonnahs. actually... i would do dessert at nonnah's no matter where you go eat. they have wonderful coffees too.

        i've heard too many people say diannes is overpriced for the quality. so i've never been there.