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Jul 12, 2007 08:31 AM

Decent restaurants in Baltimore

A reply I made in another thread got me thinking about this (as did a now deleted thread talking about rude service at a sandwich/ice cream shop, a sentiment I agreed with). Are there restaurants you go to not just because the food is good, but because the people who work there are just so decent and nice? Somehow it just makes the whole experience nicer. Here's three to start with.

1. Thai Arroy. Not only really yummy Thai food, but really likable people as well. Once they were having trouble with their credit card machine, and I offered to run across the street to get cash, but they wouldn't hear of it. They practically forced me to sit down and wait while they got things straightened out. Everyone I've met who works there is just wonderful.

2. Across the street from Thai Arroy and up a few doors is the mysteriously named Latin takeout place -- it may be called Elvis Restaurant (although I think that name is left over) but I call it Tacos Burritos Pupasa, since that's what's painted in the window. The place is spotlessly clean and the staff very friendly, they serve a limited menu of quite good Mexican/El Salvadoran food. Also, the pupasa may be the best deal in town.

3. Chicken Rico. Out past Patterson Park on Eastern Avenue, this place serves yummy Peruvian chicken (thanks again for the rec, hon). When I went they were out of chicken and a growing line was forced to wait nearly 20 minutes for a new batch. No grumbling though -- not only were we transfixed by the aroma, but the staff joked with us and smiled like they were really enjoying their jobs.

Any places you can think of with really decent staff (and really good food)?

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  1. I've always been fortunate at Samo's, they can get very busy, very busy but the ladies there are always efficient and friendly. Nick can also be very talkative if it isn't very busy.

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      Sushi King in Columbia. They have good sushi, and the people who work there are REALLY nice and friendly. We sit at the sushi bar and the sushi chefs are usually talkative and they are always smiling - it's one of those places where you feel like a regular after your first visit.

      1. re: sistereurope

        I agree with that. I used to live in Columbia, and that was my go-to place for sushi. Not only is it friendly, but the sushi is excellent.

    2. I'm hard pressed to think of any place I go where the staff isn't nice. And, there have been places I've liked, but thought that either they've had attitude, or didn't treat their employees well....and, just figure that there's enough other places to eat where there are decent folks.

      (Maybe asking where the staff isn't decent would garner more posts?!? Although that would seem to be asking for a one-way ticket to deleteland!)