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Jul 12, 2007 08:28 AM

Looking for Rockport Mass recs

Taking my in-laws to Rockport. Looking for a place to have lunch. Needs to be slightly upscale to satisfy my mother-in-law but not too fancy that there are attire restrictions (will have 2 85+ year olds with us who have no interest in dressing up).

My MIL does not eat seafood so it can't be solely a seafood restaurant.

I've never been so thanks for the help!

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  1. try posting on the Boston board. there have been a couple of threads for this area the past few weeks.

    1. I haven't eaten a lot of places there, because I've only been there once, but go to Bearskin Neck. That's not a restaraunt, that's a little pinnensula with lots of tiny shops, some selling touristy stuff, some selling upscale merhcandise like pewter. There is a teeny tiny ice cream parlor on the right halfway up that served good stuff. I wouldn't go to the one on the left that is just before it, the frappe they served me barely had any icecream and didn't taste very good.

      At the beginning of the neck, there's a fish place on the left. Don't go there! It looks nice from the outside cause the inside of the front has plants and new furniture, but in the back it's all run down, you're packed in like sardines and might get put down in a little dungeon/closet they have a few seats in, and the food wasn't that good. But to the right of the neck's entrance, there's a candy shop. Buy some chocolate there! Their stuff is one of the two best I've had. (The other is in perkin's cove in Maine) Freshly made, melts in you mouth... I could eat a whole bag of their chocolate covered raisin clusters right now.

      And finally, at the end of the neck is a place you might be interested in. I didn't eat there, because it's expensive, but it looks like the best bet for the area. They serve fish, and I think they have a steak, and some pasta. The menu with prices is on the outside. I think the prices were in the $30-$35 range for an entree. Oh and like all the other businesses on the neck, it's right on the water.

      There's a few other places to eat around there too, but I didn't try any of them. Be sure to walk around the area though and see the old churches and stuff and do the whole rockport loop up the seacoast, it's beautiful, especially in the evening. I wish I hadn't used up all my photos in gloucester!

      Sorry I don't have anything more specific to your needs for kids and no seafood. But I went to rockport for the seafood. :-)

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        Just to fill in some blanks...
        the candy store is Tuck's, great fudge too!
        the restaurant at the end on the left is My Place By The Sea, I've had one excellent meal there, but it was a few years ago.
        The Emerson Inn is up the road a bit, not out on the neck, reviews on the Boston board are good, sounds like that should please your group.

      2. With a much more extensive menu at dinner than at lunch, Deb Demakis' Beach Street Bistro is a charming little jewel of a place. If it wasn't for all the good tips fellow Hounds provide I'd be loathed to mention this seasonal sweetie.

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          I saw their menu yesterday and thought it looked pretty good...thanks.

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            Oops, I sure wish we could do an edit for "link to a place" but here it is.

            Beach Street Bistro
            18 Beach St, Rockport, MA 01966