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Jul 12, 2007 08:18 AM

Review in Central Phoenix

I'm in town for a week and it's really all about the food. Shhh, don't tell my work associates or my friends.

I've already hit:

Mediterranean House at 16th and Bethany Home, which doesn't get much notice on the board. Med food with a few interesting twists. I don't know how perfectly authentic it is, but it's darn tasty and the ladies who own it are so nice, they treated me like a long lost daughter when I showed up for lunch. Said three ladies are all Asian, so that's a twist on Med food. I believe they bought it and all of the recipes from a Lebanese family in the 80s. Fab hummus and baba, the pita is always soft and chewy. Greek salads with lots of feta, grilled veggies that are so flavorful I always MUST order them, great chicken dishes and yummy gyros. 6 of us went for lunch and the bill was $68 including the tip.

After lunch we wanted gelato, we headed to Archellino, which I thought may not be open yet, and it wasn't. I don't understand why they're not open at lunch time in the summer. Seems like they're losing some business there. So, we schlepped to The Gelato Spot. I had to say, the service was stellar!! $19 and 12 scoops later, we were full and happy.

Off to dinner at Dick's Hideaway (Richardson's for an hour wait) for the carne adovado, tenderloin quesadilla and the smoked turkey enchiladas split three ways. Tasty, tasty. I had a glass of Stoneleigh Pinot Noir that was lovely, I'll have to look for it. I've officially decided that I prefer Dick's to Richardson's. The hostesses at Richardson's can be a "little" brusque at best. Apparently, all of the talk on the boards is getting them business, because this is the first time I've even seen an hour wait on a Tuesday at 8:30 in July. For 10 years, the sure thing as pretty much been that in the summer after 8 or so, you can walk in.

Yesterday, I met a friend for sushi at Hana on 7th Avenue. I loved it. Cute place, not a pretentious Scottsdale wanna be "scene" sushi place! The fish was good, too. I'm not a super adventurous sushi eater, but my spicy tuna ($8) and my maguro sashimi ($8 -- i think) was nicely cut, fresh and delicious. I had those two with a green salad ($2.50). My lunch buddy had a darn tasty looking steak salad ($12.95) and a coke and we shared edamame, too. The bill was $40 before tip. I felt like the pricing was a little high, and I didn't see a lunch menu. But, I have to say, I did like it very much. It's co-owned by a woman who works at Channel 3 across the street, but a Japanese gentleman, who has been in the sushi biz for years is managing the place. I was happy.

Guilty pleasure of Jack in the Box tacos for a snack last night. There's no JITB in VA, folks -- don't judge!

Today, I'm off to either the Ranch Market or In N' Out for lunch and then I need help for dinner in Chandler tonight -- see my other post.

Man, I miss Phoenix.

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  1. Not sure how long you're in town for, but for an ultra casual lunch, Welcome Diner is much better than In N' Out. I love their hot dogs and almost everyone else adores their burgers. Their fries are awesome. Basic russet potatoes, but somehow they always come out addictively good. And the HUGE oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are nearly a meal unto themselves.

    Welcome Diner
    924 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ 85006

    1. Nice to see in these parts again! Hope VA is treating you well.

      Try to hit Ranch Market if you can.

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      1. re: mamamia

        Oh my goodness, just got back from Ranch Market and I am so happy. I brought my best friend and neice and her cousin from Nebraska -- the girls are 14. The 14 year olds were so impressed...they walked around in awe. My girlfriend was married into a Mexican family years ago...they cooked like crazy and she said this was amazing. We had tacos and quesadillas and burros and tortillas and barbacoa. Wish we had room for the chile rojo and verde, and the birria looked fab. The girls have asked to go back tomorrow for lunch. My lil' chowhounds.

        We did some shopping for a party this weekend. Here's what we got:
        4 lbs bone on chix breasts
        2 lbs each of green and red grapes
        a 20 pound watermelon (It was ONLY $2.73)
        Red bell peppers
        2 heads of napa cabbage
        Monterrey jack cheese
        8 limes and 4 lemons
        2 lbs of strawberries

        Seriously, all of this and I'm sure a few things I forgot for $28! My god, a head of napa cabbage is $4 at the grocery store. I'm so happy.

        1. re: geg5150

          The birria is excellent - try it tomorrow.

          1. re: geg5150

            Try a gordita!!! They are huge - one will feed two people.

            1. re: geg5150

              Crema (con sal) and Queso Fresco; also the chorizo from the stand right next to the dairy counter. Don't forget fresh tortillas or avocados either. I admit to buying their green chile salsa when I'm in a hurry.....

              1. re: geg5150

                birria, jamaica, tortas ... muy sabroso!!!