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Jul 12, 2007 08:00 AM

Chandler help for tonight?

Hi y'all,

I've got a meeting in Gilbert at Val Vista and Williams Field. I'm meeting friends for dinner afterwards. They live at about Ray Rd and the 101.

Any ideas for dinner somewhere in between? I have to come to central Phx after dinner, so a little north of Ray and the 101 is fine too. We won't be meeting until 8:45ish or so, so placed that close at 9 are probably out.

Any suggestions? Around $25 a head or less. Casual is fine, we're just hanging out. Need a place with a bar.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Efe's Turkish Cuisine at McClintock/Guadalupe would be a good choice, they do have a full bar. The website says they're open until 9:30, although you may want to call and inform them that you'll have a group.

    1. I live at Ray and Dobson. Lots of great choices right around here.

      Cyclo at Chandler and Dobson(Call ahead, she will sometimes close a bit early on a slow night, particularly early in the week)

      Pita Jungle at Ray and Dobson

      Dooby's Guadalupe and Dobson

      Tutti Santi Guadalupe and Dobson

      La Stella Downtown Chandler across from San Marcos Plaza

      El Zocalo Downtown Chandler in San Marcos Plaza

      98 South(not a fan personally but lots of folks love it) Downtown Chandler San Marcos Plaza

      Floridinos Alma School and Galveston(cheap and great eats. Very casual neighborhood place)

      Sushi Ken near 40th st and Chandler in Awhatukee

      Mac's Guadalupe and McClintock(neighborhood pub with good food)

      Fibber Magees Dobson and Elliot(Irish pub, great food)

      Picazzo's Pizza Kyrene and Warner(headed there to meet friends ourselves tonight. love the crackerbread crust!)

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        I think Cyclo might still be closed for summer vacation tonight so you'll want to call ahead to doublecheck.

        Cyclo Vietnamese Cuisine
        1919 W Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85224

      2. If you're looking for more of a "hanging out" place with a bar, I'd say go for Kona Grill at the Chandler mall, right by your friends' place. They have reverse happy hour starting at 10pm in the bar. I'm not impressed by their regular menu, but their half price sushi rolls and other items such as onion rings and pizzas are quite good and great with alcohol! Parking shouldn't be a problem by 9pm...

        I love Mac's but they close at 9 or 10pm. 98 South will break your $25 budget, more of an older crowd/$10 cocktails kind of place, I think... Love Fibber Magee's, double the rec for that. They have great food (get the Irish soda bread and smoked salmon dish :) and big portions...

        1. Cyclo's is closed until July 13th. I think La Stalla's in Chandler is still closed as well. A personal favorite of mine is RigaTony's on Arizona Avenue and Knox (just past Warner).

          Great Italian food...inexpensive and good ambience.