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Jul 12, 2007 07:26 AM

Baltimore hound in Philly Recommendations?

My wife and I will be in Philly Saturday night for the Tutenkamun exhibition. Any recommendations on where to eat in/near the historic district. Could be US/French or any ethnic as long as its creative. I don't "get" steakhouses, I want a chef not a minimum wage grill jockey :)

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  1. Well, you know that the Franklin Institute is not in the "historic district," I hope. That area, which we all call Olde City, has a lot of neat options -- Amada, a tapas place, is v. hip, or BYOBs like Chloe.

    Or, if you miss home, we just opened a Philipp's at the Sheraton City Center Hotel. :)

    1. Gayle in Olde City is excellent! Owner/chef was formerly head chef at Le Bec Fin.

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        Did you really mean the Historic district or did you mean the Art Museum area where the Franklin Institute is?
        If you meant that area I will recommend Water Works (across from the Art Museum) and Rae's (next to 30th St. Station)
        Both have menus for you to peruse if you Google them.
        You will likely have a difficult time with reservations unless you decide to dine at offtimes.

      2. Fairly close to the Franklin Institute is Matyson, on 19th St. between Market and Chestnut. Excellent and creative, BYOB.
        It's usually difficult to get a reservation for a Saturday night, but things are sometimes slower in the summer. You could try.