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Jul 12, 2007 07:25 AM

After Work Cocktails in Midtown

I am attempting to plan a going away party for a co-worker and have had a pretty rough time finding a good venue. We'll have a relatively small crowd (maybe 10 or so) and I'm hoping to find a place that's somewhat upscale (but not crazy fancy -- we've got a budget of about $1000). Optimally, I'm hoping to find somewhere that serves food, won't be so loud that it's impossible to talk, and isn't as hip as the bar at the Hudson (we've got the boss coming with us too, after all). For reference, the last party like this was at Park Blue and it was a great success. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks CH!

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  1. For your budget, you could do MObar at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in the Time Warner building. The views are incredible and it's sure to please! Good luck and enjoy

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        Of course. My company had a small gathering at MObar and everyone was very impressed with the drinks, service and snacks.

    1. I like Divine Bar WEST on 54 b. bway and 8th. great cocktails and really good, eclectic food and a fun atmosphere. Extensive wine and beer lists and inventive cocktails. The upstairs is perfect for small groups. Not as schwank as the Mandarin bit the $$ will go a lot farter and the food may be better.

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        Thanks, I was thinking about Divine Bar but I think it may be a bit too kitschy for this crowd -- their menu includes things like the Dirty Stinking Whoretini, which, though delicious, might not cut it.