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Jul 12, 2007 07:21 AM

Lunch near Columbus Circle

I've ventured around day after day during my internship up on W. 63rd finding (what smells to be) a great cart on the corner of W. 61st and have had many salads at Whole Foods.

Other than Gray's Papaya and Tasti De Lite, any ideas for me that are reasonable and quick?

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  1. i haven't been in that area in awhile, but i think balducci's on 66th has sandwiches, etc. also, not the cheapest option, but you could go to Bouchon Bakery in the time warner center (the take out counter, not the actual restaurant). also, le pain quotidien on 58th and 7th.

    1. An intern on a budget needs to check out 9th Avenue. Too many options for inexpensive food to list. Just take a walk down 9th Ave one day.

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        by down you mean down past 59th?

        1. re: rmcase13

          yeah past 59th. The further down you go the more options you have. If you don't want to go that far, try the burrito box it's in the high 50s. There's an ollies on 67th - 68th on broadway. It's your slightly better than standard chinese take out fare at slightly higher prices.

      2. Actually - I have a similar question as you. What about Whym on 9th and 58th? I was thinking about going there next week - it's probably not too quick but looks pretty well-priced.