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Jul 12, 2007 07:13 AM

New Orleans Thursday the 19th early dinner with Family

dear hound-dogs,

my wife and 2 kids (7 and 4) will be arriving in New Orleans on thursday the 19th. we'll be staying in the French Q.

my dad and stepmom will be meeting us there and instead of a babysitter on thursday nite, we'd like to take the kids to an early dinner (all 6 of us).

hoping that you can suggest an A+ classic New Orleans restaurant that is kid friendly in terms of not being too formal or stuffy. need to capture the flavor of the city in a bit more of a relaxed environment.

we have a baby sitter on Friday nite and are going to eat at Cochon.

thanks much y'all..


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  1. Not a NO classic yet, but try Luke on St Charles, a few blocks up from the quarter. Especially if you are going early. Food is fantastic and easy to bring the kids to. It gets packed later in the evening but 6pm should be fine.

    1. Well, this is too funny. I was going to suggest Cochon and lo and behold you already have reservations. Do you have a car?
      If you don't, here are some suggestions. For the opposite of upscale, I think Mother's serves an early dinner. Pure New Orleans food. Camelia Grill is also a lot of fun with children but once again, not very upscale. You sit on stools and eat at a counter-diner style. If you are interested in fancier places, The Bon Ton is very casual and serves all kinds of fried Louisiana seafood. Also, believe it or not, children love Galatoire's. I have been going there since I was 8 years old and have loved it all my life. You would have to wear blazers and get dressed up and perhaps put the kids in their Sunday finest but it would be a real treat. It is loud and bustling with a lot of happy birthdays, they serve dinner on the early side, and they can make fried chicken for children if oysters are not their cup of tea. Good luck. I have not been to Luke yet so I cannot comment. I have heard many mixed reviews.

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        It seems you would have enough to make a reservation at Jacques-Imos. You would need to take a cab!

      2. PLEASE, go to Dick & Jenny's. It's a fabulous, elegant but very casual, mostly-locals place. They do not accept reservations, but at 6:00 you'll have no problem getting a table. They have a wonderful menu, including a great kids menu. Not that there's anything wrong with Cochon, but to me D&J's is the quintessential NOLA experience.