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BYOB / Moderate Eating in Baltimore?

A friend who is briefly going through a bit of a tough time financially is insisting on taking me out to dinner as a thank you / birthday treat. Since she won't take 'No' (or other suggestions) for an answer, I'm trying to think of places Charm City has that are intimate but not too expensive, and would make for a nice evening out - possibly a BYOB or somewhere with a moderate corkage fee, so that I can at least offer to take care of the wine.

So far this morning, I'm drawing a bit of a blank and have only been able to come up with Iggies (which I love, but we've done that to death) or possibly Samos. Anyone else have any suggestions?

Thanks very much in advance...

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  1. The small dining room at One-Eyed Mike's is small and cute in that nautical way. They have a menu of very reasonably priced soups, sandwiches, and salads. It may be worth checking out. They also have night of the week specials.

    (Eating at either the bar or the back deck certainly isn't what anyone would call 'intimate' though.)

    1. What about Thai Arroy in Federal Hill? It's BYOB, relatively cheap, and the servers and owners are the kind of nice, decent people that would make you want to come back even if the food wasn't good (although it is).

      Also, congratulations on having friends like that. And happy birthday.

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        Thanks very much...

        I've always liked One Eyed Mikes for the service, food and beers - not sure how I left that off.

        I've also never had the chance to try Thai Arroy but haven't had Thai in a while and am always happy to help support good owners....thanks.

        Any other ideas out there?

      2. Iggie's! BYOB (or wine clearly)

        Yummy pizza (and last time I went great tomato/red pepper soup). Very nice people. Not expensive, and if you can snag an individual table, can be intimate. I love sitting at the group table though. More fun :)

        1. Isn't La Cazuela BYOB? The food there's terrific, and would make a nice evening.

          1. Depending on how much you want to spend, I would go somewhere that has a special for the night...to mind: Helen's $12 Wednesday's; $10 Gertie's Tuesday's @ BMA; Wine Market's Monday special; $12 Sunday Entrees @ Jack's Bistro (call ahead, i think the second last or the last sunday of the month they run a diff special); Birches has specials most nights of the week etc... That way you can go somewhere nice but perhaps not fork out quite so much $$$.

            There are also plenty of ethnic places to go that offer good dollar value. And, while I know you mention it as a dinner date, sometimes lunch, brunch or breakfast are a bit cheaper and just as nice and fun.

            Happy Birthday!

            1. One of our BYOB favorites is what my boyfriend calls"down-low" sushi. On Broadway, next to Ding How. I think it could be Akshi or something like that. It is small and cramped when they are busy, but Broadway liquor is right across the street, so it is perfect for BYOB (and no corkage, as I remember). Not the quickest place in the world, but if you are with good friends, it is fun to hang out and finish off the wine you've brought yourself.

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                The name is Asahi. It's really good, and the one I would have recommended for BYOB.
                Tiburzi's just outside of Canton is pretty reasonable.

                BTW, La Cazuela is NOT BYOB; I think it would be a good choice even though it's a bit more expensive ($15.00 entrees).

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                  This is the first I've heard that La Cazuela has gotten a liquor license.

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                    I've gotten beer or wine every time I've eaten there; they have a rack of wine hanging from the back wall and that's what you can order.

              2. Mari Luna for Mexican food on Reisterstown Rd in Park Heights. I wouldn't quite call it intimate but great food, reasonably priced and BYOB.

                1. Iggie's isn't all that cheap... I *highly* recommend Thai Arroy!

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                    Seriously? Iggie's is just as cheap as Thai Arroy. At least. Especially since you don't have to tip (you donate to a charity, which I'm guessing most people don't give a full 15% to).



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                      Thanks to all for the suggestions - I've got my work cut out for me...