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Jul 12, 2007 07:01 AM

Bay Cities vs. Claro's Italian Sandwich

After another disappointing Godmother Sandwich from BC yesterday I've decided to stop going there once and for all!
Kar didn't want to stop in the first place remembering our last experience but I was starving and on the way to the FM in Santa Monica so it was an easy stop.
Fortunately I didn't have to wait more than 5 mins at 10:30am but still the Sandwich was so bad it wasn't worth stopping for.
The Bread sucks , tough and chewy, the Meats are so sparse I'm still not sure if there was any in there?
So much lettuce I thought I ordered a salad instead of a GM?
Two bites each and in the trash can it went!
$ 6.10 for a small size, RIPOFF!

Claro's Italian Sub with ADDED spicy meats is $7- for a large (with normal meats only $5-) and is 4 times bigger and tastes fantastic!

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  1. Where is Claro's? I have always loved Bay Cities Godmother Sandwhich but haven't been in there for over 6 months. So sorry to hear that the sandwich was so disappointing.

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      1. re: handlertaper

        I thought Claro's was just in the SoCal area, with one in Tustin, also, La Habra, San Gabriel the original store.

      2. Yes many years ago the godmother had probably twice the meat that it has today, I really dont know why so many people rave about it other than they were not around when it was a good sandwich or they have short memories.

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        1. re: malibumike

          A small Poor Boy loaded with Hot peppers is a Great Sanwich IMO.. And it like $ 4.35 out the door.. The bread is very fresh and Crsipy.. Perhaps Russkar you are a fan of the softer kind of roll, I actually like the crispy, fresh, rolls that they have at Bay Cities..

          1. re: Foodandwine

            The Roll isn't Crispy, but Tough and Chewy. I like all types of bread but the sandwiches ingredients (or lack of in this case) are really the issue for me.
            Breads can be any type you want? They have Italian, Wheat, Rye ,etc so your not Limited to an Italian Roll.

        2. Sorry But I Don't like either place. Both places skimp on the meat. My Hands down Favorite.....Eastside Market in Downtown LA Fresh Crusty roll Lots of meat, a bit of lettuce and tomato and all the peppers you can eat.

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          1. re: Skunk2Racer

            You and I have both discovered Eastside market, it is the best, unfortunately I retired and rarely get down there anymore but when I do I stock up on #7's and/or 21's.

            1. re: malibumike

              I Like the #7 & the #9...... I Work at DWP so it's Right down the Street : )

          2. yeah, and I don't dig the "white" tomatoes on the sandwiches at BC

            1. I never get the Works on the Godmother anymore. They always put so much on junk on it that feels like some Togo's sub. It totally drowns out the flavors of the meats and cheeses.

              Mayo, Dijon, Onions, Hot pepper salad.

              I've been getting that combo for the last two years and have never been disappointed.

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              1. re: smd

                I like the Godmother but I don't get it when I want a lot of meat. The meat trio is pre-assembled and not overly generous.
                In contrast, I'll sometimes get a hotshot (pepper turkey, pepper jack) and those are usually stacked with turkey.