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Jul 12, 2007 06:51 AM

Looking for a charming middle-eastern restaurant in the GTA

Looking for a mid sized middle eastern restaurant for an event. Sadly, decor is as important as the food. If they have a private room or banquet facilities, so much the better. Anywhere in the GTA will work.

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  1. 93 harbord (name of the restaurant and the address) is very upscale middle eastern food....very nice room, excellent food and reasonable prices for what you get....i'm not sure if they have a private room but i'm sure they could accomodate an event....

    1. Can you please be a bit more specific about the numbers you are looking to accomodate? I may have some suggestions, but the guestlist size will make a big difference...

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        I'm not sure about numbers just yet. Have you ever been to Anatolia, the turkish place on Dundas West. That's a good size.

        1. re: rbcj

          Hey there,

          Never been to Anatolia so don't know the size. Also, when you say that decor is important I don't know if you mean "upscale" or "authentic middle eastern."

          Anyway, here are a few options:

          Have heard from others that Pomegranate on College has great, authentic food. Room isn't swanky by any means, however:

          Paaeez on College has good food and the room is very sleek:
          Hookahs also on offer here.

          If Moroccan-themed cuisine fits your bill, the Foundation Room at the foot of Church is the biggest of the venues. Great looking space and they are very good at handling private events:

          Hope that helps.

      2. Banu @ 777 Queen Street West (Iranian) would be they have a private room in the back to accomodate. Great service and delicious food.

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        1. re: thebutcher

          Thanks for the ideas. Sorry i wasn't specific about the decor - i meant to say that it should not just be four white walls and a counter (although I know a few of those laces that have great food, not right for this event)

          1. re: rbcj

            If that's the case, you should check out Tabule. On Yonge, 3 blocks north of Davisville. Great food, nice atmosphere (it's casual, but decorated with middle eastern flair) and you could probably close the restaurant if you group is large enough. No private room though, so it would be all or nothing.

            1. re: TorontoJo

              I second Tabule. Great food, and very friendly, gracious service. I'm sure they would have no problem closing the restaurant, doing a special menu, etc.