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Jul 12, 2007 06:26 AM

eating by the water in T.O.?

This following a lively debate at the break-dancing competition at the harbourfront on Sunday: where can you eat on the water in T.O. and get great food? Is there a place?

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  1. Good question! The only place "on the water" that I've been to is Waterside Bistro (attached to Waterside Sports). It has a sort of upscale pub menu - great for brunches on sunny weekends! Food is good but not spectacular but parking is free and the view is wonderful on the deck.

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      il fornello in Queen's Quay Terminal has a large patio and servicable food.

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        For those out east, Frenchman's Bay in Pickering has The Waterfront Bistro:

      2. I've had some very enjoyable summer evenings at the restaurant on the beach at the Sunnyside Bathing Pavilion. Food and drink a bit pricey for what it is, but it is location and atmosphere you are paying for. People watching on the boardwalk is great. It has a European feel to it.

        1. IMO, the only way to get a good meal by the water is to pack a picnic and head to the Toronto Islands or the Leslie Street Spit.
          Most of the waterfront places in TO have mediocre food for inflated prices, and get away with it because people are still willing to go for the view and most tourists just don't know any better.

          1. Sunnyside Cafe is on the Lakeshore..they have ok salads and pizza and some pretty decent waffles..good place for Sunday lunch..view is great.

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              Can one drive all the way along the Leslie Spit? Or is it cycling only?

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                When the Spit is open to the public (weekends and holidays), it's strictly pedestrians and cyclists... though the sailing club does run a shuttle van from the main gates in the summertime if you're not feeling up to the hike.
                I just like to think of all that walking as a way to justify seconds on dessert. :) Pack lots of water, bring a camera, and enjoy the scenery. It's worth it.

            2. In the east end, you might try the Boardwalk Pub. It's open all year, and quite busy in the summer, especially on weekends. It's right on the boardwalk among the trees a few metres from the lake on Lakeshore Boulevard E. in the Beaches, adjoining a big free municipal parking lot. Customary pub grub, and a big choice of beer. There's an indoor restaurant for bad weather and a big patio under the trees for a nice place to chill out on a warm summer afternoon.