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Jul 12, 2007 05:11 AM

40th b-day (20-40 people), appetizers/cocktails with room to mingle?

I'm starting to plan a little soiree for my hubby's 40th birthday..he is a beer and nachos kind of guy, but has many friends who enjoy something a little more upscale. Is there any place in the downtown (or midtown) area that could handle a crowd of this size and provide some kind of appetizer/cocktail service? (preferably one that could handle dishing out some wings as well as more fancy appies)? Would prefer not to have a totally private room (maybe just a section of the restaurant/bar?) and space to move vs. having to be seated at tables...

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  1. Not upscale or grotty but I like the Granite Brewery. You can certainly ask for a section of the restaurant. There is also a nice back patio too. Free parking downstairs or street parking. Located at Mount Pleasant and Eglinton. Though I am not a beer person, I understand that the beer is great.

    1. Check out Milagro. It's very nice higher end, upscale Mexican on Mercer at John Street south of King. It's a great room, a bit contemporary in feel. Not TexMex or sportsbar. I recently held a cocktail party for 40 in a section of their bar and they did a wonderful job with the apps which everyone raved about. Plus they had a great selection of cocktails, sangria and beers. Check out their website

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        hmm, I like this idea - hubby is a great fan of Mexican style food (and Mexico in general), so this might work quite well..I have read less than positive reviews for Milagro in terms of quality and service though..perhaps I will take myself there for dinner and check it out myself

      2. Laide is great for birthdays it is a fun atmosphere and the perfect size for a crowd like yours. The chef does up great custom platters. He used to have an awsome natchos on the menu that had buffalo chili on it... hmm..