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Jul 12, 2007 04:56 AM

canninng the great salsa

Awhile back, a homemade version of Papalote's great salsa was circulating around Chow. I'm wondering if it's safe to can the recipe. I'm thinking of trying it with fresh romas this summer, but I think using canned fire-roasted would work equally well. What do you think home canners-- enough acid in this recipe to can it safely without a pressure cooker? Would freezing be an option? Here's the recipe again-- Thanks!

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  1. I don't do much home canning anymore, but I remember helping out back in the day. Grandma NEVER let us can anything made with tomatoes without copious amounts of added citric acid and/or signficant time in the pressure canner (which I still have...).
    Her theory was that since the viscosity/opacity of tomatoes is so great you can't see when something is not right the way you can with canned fruits and beans. I tend think that was good practiuce, as she never had any food borne illnesses and lived until 96, she was born in 1901...

    Anyhow the official advice from the USDA looks a lot like grandma's --
    Similar summary --

    That recipe looks to be lacking enough adde acid to be sure its pH is lower than 4.6 -- and even then you'd need to boil it for so long it would be mush.

    I'd suggest freezing instead.

    1. The link didn't work for me. I too would like to know about salsa canning. A friend's mom makes the salsa, jars it in clean sterilized jars, and then boils the jars for 20mins until she hears the tops pop. She let them cool and then they enjoyed it all winter. What do you think; good enough or not? I want to put up some peach salsa and traditional salsa.

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        Here is the pdf about tomotoes:

        Basically the standard is that raw tomatoes w/o juice need 85 mins in boiling water -- that is going to turn salsa into soup.

        For fruit there are different standards, but I think that freezing is going to give a much better texture in almost every case.