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Jul 12, 2007 04:49 AM


Thoughts on using radishes other than on a salad?

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  1. I have sauteed them in a stir fry, made tea sandwiches with very thin slices on buttered bread, in deviled eggs (with other ingredients), and roasted them along with other root VGs.

    1. Radishes are lovely sliced and simply sauteed in a little butter or olive oil. You can saute the greens too, if they're very fresh. Season with salt and pepper. It's always a surprising side dish.

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      1. re: Pat Hammond

        Just wanted to give an update: I did, in fact, sautee them with a little butter and they were so interesting and delicious! Completely different than raw - I will definitely do this again.
        Thanks for the suggestion!

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          You can also sautee the green tops as well. The tops don't keep well, so you pretty much have to use them ASAP.

          I like them roasted too. Here's 101 more ideas .... ok just seems that way.

          Chow has a recipe for bread and butter radishes that I keep meaning to try.

      2. Slice them up and add them for crunch to tacos.

        1. They're good in salsa. Also in potato or pasta salad if like me you are filled with total and absolute loathing of raw celery.

          They're also good chopped up in guacamole, but eat it asap then as it doesn't keep.

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            Radishes are also part of the classic garnish for posole, the legendary hominy/pork soup, along with shredded cabbage, oregano, and a red chile salsa

          2. One of my favorite snacks is crispbread or crackers thinly spread with goat cheese and liberally topped with sliced radishes, crunchy fleur de sel and fresh pepper. Some added hummus or snipped chives would not go amiss in my home.