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Jul 12, 2007 04:28 AM

Your favorite cold salad recipe

I am so tired of my three standard cold salad recipes... macaroni salad, potato salad and italian pasta salad. I am going over to my in-laws this weekend and would like to bring a cold salad to go with our cookout (typical burger and hot dogs). It would be really great to hear about your cold salad recipes...especially one made with some type of pasta.

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  1. A few days ago I made an accompaniment for grilled pork chops that consisted of diced radishes, cherry tomatoes halved, minced small Bermuda onion, a good handful of minced Italian parsley. Dressing: EVOO, Chianti vinegar, S & P. Cilantro is also good in this relish, and the relish is tasty on burgers as well.
    Last night the little which was left over was included into a salad of red bibb lettuce, with chopped cucumbers and additional tomatoes and radishes.


      I have been making a recipe extremely similar to this for about 20 years now! The only difference in mine is that I either mix-in, or at least top-with, sharply grated cheddar cheese.

      You will love this recipe. It is so yummy!

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        That's the salad my DIL wanted me to make for their wedding reception. Unfortunately, hy husband hates broccoli. I think it's a great salad.
        I also like three bean salad with lots of sliced onions.

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          I add cheese too - and substitute either Craisins or dried cherries for the raisins

        2. Couscous salad. I just made this up last night. The ingredients I threw in were:
          1 cup (dry) whole wheat couscous
          1 can chickpeas
          1 diced zucchini
          3 diced plum tomatoes
          4 chopped scallions
          EVOO, balsamic, S&P, italian seasoning

          serve room temp, it was excellent and SO easy to make. Plus, you can obviously throw in whatever veggies you have. You could also add feta, olives, and/or capers.

          Try it out!

          1. This orzo salad is delicious. It's been mentioned often on chowhound.
            I also love my mother's cucumber salad: Cucumbers peeled and very, very thinly sliced. Add thinly sliced red onion, make a thin dressing of mayo, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper. Toss and let sit at least an hour before serving. Reminds me of summer whenever I have it.

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              I was going to suggest that very one: Orzo with Everything. I love that salad. I could eat it all in one sitting. (Plus, it makes a lot.)

            2. No pasta in this one, but I got rave reviews on this recipe for a green bean and bulgur salad from Cooking Light:

              To make it extra-pretty, I used a half-and-half mix of green beans and wax beans. The recipe calls for walnut oil, which isn't always available in your run-of-the-mill supermarket - just sub with a mild olive oil or grapeseed (which is what I used).