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Jul 12, 2007 04:20 AM

Best chicken and dumplings

Gene's serves it on Wednesdays. The portions are huge, about a double-sized bowl. I think it's OK.

I saw at Ben's Longbranch BBQ on soul food Wednesday that they have an even thicker version that they dole out onto plates. This had a high chicken to dumpling ratio. I didn't try it but judging from the rest of their food I imagine it is terrific.

Anywhere else? Does anyone also like the thinner style that's more like chicken and noodle soup (with dumplings instead of noodles of course)?

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  1. I'm not a huge fan generally, but Hoover's has a pretty good version. Their version is a bit more along the lines you prefer with a slightly soupy broth and a few large dumplings.

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      FYI, Hoover's (At least the Manor Rd. location) only serves it on Wednesday as a daily special. I haven't been able to make it over there on a Wednesday yet, but the USA Today article they have posted names it one of the 25 dishes you have to eat, 5th place after restaurants in Italy, France, New York and Chicago.

        1. re: Alan Sudo

          When it comes to something as regional and lower-class as chicken and dumplings and Southern cuisine, the press has absolutely no idea about it. There are just bound to be many, small, cheap joints in working class neighborhoods like Ben's and Lola's that few people to know about, unlike Hoover's which has a much higher profile.

          I don't like Hoover's too much, though there are some dishes that are quite good. I would like to try out their chicken and dumplings some day. Is there any reason or just coincidence that everybody serves it on Wednesday?

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            wow, weird coincidence. i hadn't been to hoovers in at least a year, but i went yesterday for lunch and had the chicken and dumpling special. overall, it was really delicious. i was expected a thicker/creamier "broth" - this was definitely more soup-like. but it was well-seasoned and very tasty. the chicken was boneless dark meat and had a smoky flavor. i know bone is supposed to add flavor, but i don't like having a bowl of anything w/ bones to pick out, so i was pleased (i asked before i ordered it). the dumplings were different. i guess this is one of those dishes that there are a bunch of variations, but i look more for the soft squishy biscuit-y type dumplings. these were flat and more noodle-y than i was expecting. good dish, not quite what i was expecting, but i'm glad i tried it. the garlic cheese grits and jalapeno creamed spinach were as good as ever.

            i've had the C&D at Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls. i think it fit my expectations a bit closer (thicker, fluffier dumplings), but they use chicken on the bone.

            1. re: NirvRush

              For my taste, Hoover's Chicken n' Dumplings has way too much thyme.