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Jul 12, 2007 03:48 AM

Toaster Oven Recs

I've read the past threads on toaster ovens and I think one of the favourites is the Krups FBC2...but so far what I've seen out there in retail-land is the FBC1...and online I see there is also an FBC4...(I guess there could also be an FBC47?)

Can anyone provide a summary of the differences between these handsome boxes?

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  1. I had a similar question with another brand and found out the only difference was the outside color. It was Bed Bath and Beyond that found that info for me on their computer. I would also try contact Krups customer service. Sometimes one gets a runaround that way, but I think eventually you could find out.

    I just brought the Krups FBC2 from Bed Bath and Beyond. The instruction booklet covers FBC 2/3/4.

    Good luck

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    1. re: conniemcd

      I'm in Canada and while I've seen lots of FBC1 (a regular toaster oven going generally in the $100 range) I've not seen many the FBC2, which is convection with some more stainless details and more than double the price. I suppose the FBC4 and so on are variants on the same thing with different bells and whistles.

      IMO the Krups is the sleekest design out there right now, tho I can imagine in a few years it will seem bulky. But I need my toaster/broiler/reheater now.

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        I thought mine was expensive at $159, but I can bring a $20 or 20% coupon back any time to bring that cost down.

        I've been relatively happy with mine except for the fact I wanted it in white instead of stainless and black. It's easy to clean, works well for bake, broil and convection bake. It only toasts on one side, however. That would bother some people, not me. The crumb tray comes out in front as opposed to a popular brand where the tray has to be removed from the back.

        I shopped off and on for several years, studied reviews and magazine articles, etc. It was a hard decision because time after time, I'd read something negative or unlikeable about them. I'm glad to have the decision behind me. This is my first one.

    2. I have had the Krups FBC4 for a year now, and hands down it is the best toaster oven I've had. Conniemcd, how come yours only toasts on one side? One of the best things about it is the very decent toast we get out of it- both sides simultaneously.

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      1. re: Bramble

        Good question. I'll check into it. Do you know what the difference is between FBC2 and FBC4? What was your cost? Thanks.

        1. re: conniemcd

          The Krups website says the difference is that the FBC4 has "Expert Controlled Cooking Functions - 6 presets for one-step cooking" that the FBC2 doesn't have, otherwise they are the same. I never use the presets- don't on my microwave, either. My luck- I paid $100.00 at WS when they were closing them out. The price before that was around $200. But the FBC2 sounds just fine.