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Jul 12, 2007 03:26 AM

Mochi ice cream

Where can I get mochi ice cream in london?

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  1. Good question, I can't remember if I've ever bought this in London but I think that I have. Other than the Japanese grocery stores in central London or Acton/Ealing, you might want to check in the ice cream section at Wholefoods as Wholefoods in Manhattan certainly sells mochi ice cream (various flavours by Bubby's). Japanese brands to look out for are Maeda-en (especially their mango) and Lotte. Let us know if you manage to find any.

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      Apologies that [Hawaiian] brand is actually Bubbies not Bubby's. I'm confusing ice cream brands with New York diners!!

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        do you mean 'yukimidaifuku'? 2 balls of vanilla icecream enveloped in mochi?

      2. I thought I knew everything about icecream, but this has escaped me so far ! Tell me more - what have I been missing ?

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          1. Ah, Trader Joes. sniff.

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              I would almost kill to have a Trader Joe's in the London area. Besides my grandchildren, it's the one thing I seem to miss most about living here. Tesco sells frozen Mediterranean vegetables. They almost taste Trader Joe-ish, but I miss so many other things.

          2. japan center 3rd exit from piccadily station, they have two shops its the first one on your left, walk all the way into the back they got a freezer full of 5.99 a box of 9 !!

            1. Available at Wing Yip (Cricklewood), mochi ice cream manufactured by a Hong Kong company called Sun Fung. 3 flavours - toasted sesame, coconut and vanilla, I tried the sesame and found it tasty, I will try the other two next time I go to Wing Yip. £2.99 for a box of 6.

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                Sun Fung is a company based in London. They supply all the Wing Yip in london as well as Hoo Hing. They also do Green tea flavour and Durian flavour.

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                  I've tried the coconut flavour mochi ice cream made by Sun Fung and it was lovely! I will definitely try their other flavours.

                  1. re: yly205

                    I've tried each of sesame, coconut and vanilla and sesame is my favourite flavour so far.

                    MsMoochii - have you seen the green tea and durian flavours anywhere? Would love to try them but they are not available at Wing Yip Cricklewood.

                    Also if anyone has come across Maeda-En mochi (especially mango) in London, please let me know.


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                      We go to the Croydon Wing Yip once in awhile to stock up, but it never dawned on me to look for mochi. I'll certainly do it next time. That sesame flavour sounds irresistable! I've learned so much from all of you on this board. It's made my settling in the UK so much easier!

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                        Hi oonth,

                        I believe that Wing Yip cricklewood does stock both the durian and green tea flavour. Croyden branch definitely stocks them. Durian is by far my favourite flavour! If you like durian, you should try it.

                        1. re: MsMoochii

                          Thanks. Was at WY Cricklewood last week and picked up some durian and pandan flavour mochi ice cream (they didn't have green tea). I do like the durian flavour (and yes I do like fresh durian) but I like the pandan flavour even more. My order of preference is probably pandan, sesame, durian, coconut, vanilla.

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                            I finally got to Wing Yip today (Croydon) and found both pandan and sesame mochi. Unfortunately, they didn't have any durian. It is very good-tasting stuff. My husband explained how they make mochi (not the ice cream variety) in Japan, and I must say it's an interesting concept.

                            1. re: zuriga1

                              Zuriga, glad to hear that you like the mochi ice cream, it's very good stuff. In Japan, it's very popular (unsurprisingly) with children but I guess that we're all big kids at heart :-)

                              Yes mochi production is fascinating (and a real labour of love) as indeed are the production methods for many foods and drinks in Japan, it's one of the reasons why I like that country so much.

                              If you're in town and fancy sampling some mochi and other items of wagashi (Japanese confectionery), go check out Minamoto Kitchoan @ 44 Piccadilly. I haven't tried much myself but I love anything involving yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit). Here's a link to the website:


                              Out of interest, is there a restaurant and/or cafe/bakery at Wing Yip Croydon?

                              1. re: oonth

                                I tried the sesame flavour tonight... doesn't get as high a mark as the pandan, but certainly not awful.

                                I'm often around Piccadilly - will definitely check out Minamota.. thanks.

                                Wing Yip has a huge, two-storey restaurant next to the shop. It's the best Cantonese food within 20 miles of my house. It is always mobbed and mostly by Chinese families. Right across the hall is a bakery (good buns and the usual assortment), plus there is also a Vietnamese restaurant and we saw a sign for a new Japanese/Thai one that is opening soon. That seemed an odd combo!

                                I am still trying to get my husband to take me to Japan... one of these days.

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                                  Apparently, Ping Pong have a new ice cream mochi dessert described as 'Ping Pong Delights'. They come in green tea; chocolate with coconut and vanilla pastry with mango flavours. Haven't had a chance to try them out yet but I've heard they are nice.

                                  1. re: howardbites

                                    Sounds good... thanks for the tip. I am still working my way through the original pandan and sesame and enjoying them a lot.

                                    1. re: zuriga1

                                      On a slightly different note, I found some awesome chocolate mochi balls at yo-sushi yesterday. First time I've tried chocolate flavoured mochi and had no idea the combination would go so well.

                                      1. re: howardbites

                                        Nothing chocolate could be bad. :-) Interestingly, we were at Wing Yip today and I passed up the Mochi ice creams as I still have a bit in my freezer. I'll look out for the chocolate.