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Jul 12, 2007 12:49 AM

Ed's Warehouse

I miss the place. And the owner. RIP
I had a GREAT roast beef there.
Is there any place that you can get a roast beef like that now?


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  1. Indeed, great roast beef served with Yorkshire pudding in a truly tacky environment. I loved it. Canyon Creek and le Biftheque do a decent prime rib roast, but nothing like Ed's. If I remember correctly, they served it with gravy, not jus. Before Ed's I didn't know the true joy of medium rare.

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      funny - I was just talking to my dad about how he used to eat there and the roast beef. after this many years, they still rave about it...
      sort of touching to me as well b/c that time marked my parents first few years in Canada...
      his passing truly touched me.

    2. I was lucky enough to be walking by when they had their closing sale at Eds Warehouse I have two of their solid oak dining chairs ($49 each) which I stripped and refinished and they are just gorgeous.. I will always have a piece of Ed to remember him by...

      1. And it was all because roast beef could be pre-cooked, served fast, and didn't require a real chef. I may not be remembering accurately, but I think he fired his opening chef and replaced him with his parking lot attendant.

        Ed's famous roast beef, instant mashed potatoes, and canned green peas, served in Toronto's finest antique whorehouse ambiance, with Toronto's finest flat house band: "If you want home cooking, eat at home".

        Toronto will miss this guy a lot.

        1. I still think the roast beef at the Keg Mansion (Jarvis and Wellesley) is head and shoulders above Ed's. Yes, you have to put up with the hard-sell waiters, but roast beef, baked potato, and vegetable of the day shouldn't set you back more than $25/person (wine, tax, and tip extra).

          But I will say Ed Mirvish loved Toronto, and did everything he could to make it a more colourful and interesting city. God bless him, and grant him peace.

          1. The original comment has been removed