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Jul 12, 2007 12:27 AM

What to Eat in Burien,Wa

Help i'm in Burien,Wa whats good around here.

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  1. To get started, put "Burien" in the search box (and please forgive me if you are ahead of me on this..).

    La Costa on SW 152nd Street in Burien - a straight shot from Southcenter at the end of Hwy 518

    Carniceria Zacatecas, grocery, 626 Sw 152nd, (206) 988-1559

    Tin Room
    3-4 blocks W of Ambaum is Tin Room. Order olde Burien meatloaf (with mushroom-and-bourbon gravy and a pile of garlic mashed potatoes) because, you know, when in Rome. . . . Make sure you get the iceberg salad (two halves of a head of lettuce sprinkled with blue cheese and olive oil and accented with bright red tomato wedges)

    152nd fm 1st to W = Salvadorian pupusería, Danish bakery
    Wayne's Fruits & Vegetables, 144 Sw 152d, (206) 988-1996

    Salvadorean Bakery, 1719 S.W. Roxbury St., 206-762-4064.
    Hours: 7 a.m.-9 p.m. daily.
    Dishes: Pupusa (queso con loroco) $1.95; platano frito con frijoles y
    $5.95; the Salvadorean platter $9.95.

    Teak House just south of Burien in Normandy Park is better than Bai Tong (we live in the neighborhood and have eaten often at both).

    White Center = Lou's Drive-in on 16th Ave SW Fish sandwich

    Taquerio del Rio, in White Center, and Juan Colorado and Muy Macho, both in South Park. I also like El Puerco Lloron, and La Cocina del Puerco in Bellevue which is practically identical though the staff says the restaurants aren't related, and these places are actually the only two that really remind me of places I've been in Mexico.
    I like Burrito Loco on Holman Road, too

    Salvadorean Bakery. esp the full restaurant - good, cheap food.
    1719 SW Roxbury St. (206) 762-4064 in White Center Grocery
    152nd fm 1st to W = Salvadorian pupusería, Danish bakery

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    1. re: mrnelso

      I can second just about all of the above--especially La Costa (great, unpretentious Mexican food, friendly service, live music on weekends) and Teak House (recently changed owners, but the food doesn't seem to have suffered any).

      Other possibilities:

      King Wha, 605 SW 152nd St--good Chinese

      Elliott Bay Brewhouse & Pub, 255 SW 152nd St--tasty pub food

      Filiberto's, 14401 Des Moines Memorial Dr--very good Italian food, hit or miss service, but if you aren't in a hurry, it can be worth it!

      There is a Salvadoran place right next to B & E Meats & Seafoods (which is at 15003 Ambaum Blvd SW--a great butcher shop, btw) that has really good pupusas--better than the Salvadoran Bakery, I think.

      1. re: MsMaryMc

        Taqueria La Estacion!

        Also, I like the pupusas at the mystery place on Ambaum like MsMaryMc

        1. re: MsMaryMc

          Can you confirm whether Filiberto's is closed? I called a few months back and the phone wasn't answered.

          1. re: equinoise

            They're definitely closed. They were bought out by the Port for being too close to the the third runway flightpath, from the looks of it. The folks who ran the place were getting up there, so I'm guessing they took the buyout and retired rather than move to a new location.

            1. re: MsMaryMc

              I will confirm that we, Filiberto's, are closed for the time being, as it took a long time to find a place to relocate our restaurant. We aren't retired!

              Our NEW LOCATION will be at 653 sw 152nd in Burien. Right next to Key Bank. We have started the design process and are waiting for permits to build our kitchen. Hoping for a May 1st opening!

              Stay up to date on our website http://www.filibertositalianrestauran... It's nothing fancy but it will be updated with all information regarding the opening.

        2. re: mrnelso

          Great suggestions by all. However, Lou's is unfortunately gone. :(

        3. I love La Costa.
          Wayne's grocery is not great on my list I got bad tasting duck there twice.There produce selection is fair for the prices.
          I've been planning on trying Filbertos heard great things.
          Does anyone know of any indian buffets nearby The Taste of Fiji is closed except for large partys now.

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          1. re: widehomehi

            widehomehi there is an Indian lunch buffet
            at Royal India Grill in West Seattle on California
            Ave. in the Admiral dist.
            I have not checked it out yet so I can't comment on the place.

          2. Right AT 641 SW 152 STis a place called Hey Paison, they make the best cheesesteaks,hoagies and meatball hoagies and if you like cannoli this is the place to get it,that and homemade cheesecake.I could go on forever this place is a godsend for people who like good HOMEMADE FOOD . Check this little place out man faggadouboudit .Plus they are getting a beer license which is a bennie

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            1. re: cielos

              Welcome to CH cielos. When a first poster raves about a new spot, it leads me to ask - Where else do you like? What do you think of Filiberto's?

              1. re: kirkj

                Never tried it personally but people told me that when the grandmother ran it was excellant but she is no longer with us God rest her soul and with her lost all it's charm and quality of food. Hope I am wrong

              2. re: cielos

                I had an excellent cheesesteak at Hey Paison yesterday, and I will concur on the good review above. Not only was it a great cheesesteak for it being in Burien, but it was among the better cheesesteaks I've had in the Seattle area (and I've tried quite a few). Seems like I've been looking for a good cheesesteak since I moved here from back East in 1986. I think I've found one that I'd go out of my way to have again. I haven't tried the other food, but the tables around me seemed to be enjoying their meals too.

                1. re: juniebug

                  The cheesesteaks are indeed good, though I usually get either the Abruzzi, the sausage, or the Hot Capicola.
                  I'm not a fan of the cheesecakes. Too dry and pasty for me.

                  909 up the street is also good.

                  Regardless, you need to go to the Danish Bakery for dessert.

                2. re: cielos

                  OMG--Just ate there yesterday, rec fr a coworker, philly cheesesteak fantastic, but the cheesecake the rich traditional eastcoast creamy delicious cheesecake was to die for. I will be dreaming about the cheesecake. Great place, great place go check it out. Definately worth it.

                  1. re: cielos

                    Sounds great, but you can't really do a dinner business when you are closing at 6:00 or 7:00 or (4:30!) each day. This all but ensures that they will never see business from people who work days and don't live in Burien.

                  2. 909 at 909 152nd St in Burien is my recommendation. I've eaten many lunches there and a couple of very good dinners. I'd call the food bistro-lite during the day, and upscale pub food at night. The lunch portions are a little skimpy at times, but the quality is good. I often order the beef and blue cheese green salad (with an extra side of beef) for lunch. The crepes are also good for lunch, as are the panini. The pastries and coffee are not bad. I've eaten two dinners there and both were much better than I expected (because I don't expect great food in Burien). They have a kid's menu, and even the kid's meals are well prepared and tasty. The atmosphere is clean and bright and the service is good.

                    1. About a mile south of beautiful downtown Burien you'll find Abruzzi's Pizza in Normandy Park at 17817 1st Ave. S. It's an unassuming place that makes great pizza. Their pizza is from the same recipes of the original Abruzzi's at 5th & Pine in downtown Seattle that was lost when NikeTown and the other new places around that intersection were built in the 90's.

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                      1. re: Leymergie

                        Any updates for this post? I am going to be in Burien tonight and planning to try Filiberto's. Hey Paison was the first choice but it closes too early. Not really in the mood for Latin fare or I'd try La Costa, or Sabor Chapin.

                        Anything new and interesting that is worth a shot?

                        P.S. this post should be moved to Greater Seattle.

                        1. re: equinoise

                          Tried Filiberto's. An interesting pizza: smaller in diameter than NY style but thicker than Neopolitan. The margherita featured a simple, fresh-tasting sauce, a good pliable crust, all-in-all a very good pie, especially for SEA. We also had a calamari that was well-cooked but unremarkable. The prices aren't exactly cheap but not over the top. Returning here poses a quandry for me personally, as I live walking distance to Flying Squirrel. But seeing Mrs. Perry at the pizza station and the fam working around here is a pleasant experience reminiscent of the family operated Italian places back east. I'd defintely recommend at least one visit.

                          P.s. move post to Greater Seattle