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Uncooked Spam?

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Did/Does anyone else ever eat uncooked Spam in sandwiches? I just read something that reminded me that my great-grandma used to feed us uncooked Spam and mayo sandwiches. I think I have a craving...

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  1. What comes out of a can of Spam is cooked, despite its relatively unappetizing appearance.

    Yes, I have eaten it in the deep, dark past, and I do recall that it tasted fairly good. I do not plan to eat any more of it however, in the interests of health. You might want to take a look at the saturated fat content listed on the can, as it is incredibly high in sat fat, as well as sodium.

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      Needless to say this isn't something I would be consuming on a daily basis. I well aware of the nutritional aspects of Spam.

    2. Most canned meats have been cooked or gone through some type of process which makes it edible straight from the can.
      I used to eat "raw" spam with onion and Miracle Whip, but now on the few occasions when I indulge in the past with spam, I prefer the crispiness of fried.


      1. My Boy Scout leaders were mostly veterans of the Army and they always brought along Spam. If a campout was too cold/wet to cook, unheated Spam was a staple of breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was pretty sure that is why unwanted e- mail had the same affectionate name :^)

        1. My mom used to put the spam, sweet pickles and onions through the grinder ( it attached to the kitchen table) grind together, add some mayo and serve on scali bread. I used to love it!

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            Spam salad! My kid brother still makes bologna salad, even though he's 61 now and oughta know better. Spam salad actually sounds a good bit better...

            I've sliced Spam for sandwiches; it comes of as a sort of cross between meat loaf and that Spiced Luncheon Loaf my mom used to get as an alternative to bologna or salami. I do prefer it hot...

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              Too funny- One of my brothers- early 50's- loves both bologna salad and fried bologna. And, when I was a kid, I thought I was eating ham salad- probably ate it until my teens before I found out!

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                Hey, fried bologna is good stuff. It's even a breakfast meat choice at one of our favorite cafes in Nashville - big thick slices off one of those 4"-diameter chub packs, fried nice and crisp on the edges.

                Back to Spam: a secret of my shady past is that I once entered the annual Spam-dish competition at the Tennessee State Fair. No, I didn't win...

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                    But what was your entree, Will? And is it something you still make?

                    I used to like thinly-sliced SPAM, pan fried until almost burnt, on honey-wheat bread with mayo and tomato. Don't think I've ever tried it straight from the can, though.

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                      C'mon- out with the recipe!! My dad used to make fried bologna sandwiches. Have never seen them around here ( Boston area)- but I have relatives in the Akron Ohio area ( am making a road trip out there in a week for a visit!), and there is a place near them that has the sandwhiches. I thnk they use more than ½ pound of bologna on each sandwich. I had to order one once, and counld not believe it. Drank gallons of water that day!

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                        Didn't anyone ever make fried bologna cups and fill them w/scrambled eggs & grated cheese? My kids' favorite breakfast.

                1. I read somewhere that the canning process actually "cooks" the meat ...

                  1. Spam is a staple "just in case you're stuck" food for camping and cabins. Cold is ok, made into spam salad is good too but nothing beats it fried for breakfast! But I've actually seen spam tempura on a greasy spoon menu

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                      I'm a great fan of Spam, liked it all my life in spite of having to eat a whole lot of it during WWII. I always keep a couple of cans of the "25% less sodium" kind in the pantry for emergencies or a little change of pace from bacon or sausage.

                      It is a quality product, nicely seasoned and NOT fatty at all: exudes barely enough fat to keep it from sticking. Rub a little butter in a skillet and fry a slice til it has a little crisp glaze on both sides and see what I mean.

                      My grandkids (all children of sophisticated cooks) love it. A grandson brought a friend over the next day after I'd made him his first Spam/Muenster melt sandwich, asking if I'd make one for his friend who'd never heard of Spam.

                      Best fried in butter, but not bad at all sliced cold (yes; it IS cooked) on a sandwich with good mustard, slice of onion, tomato, lettuce, maybe cheese.

                      If the NYT were to feature it as a treasured family pork loaf recipe given to Elizabeth David by an old Provence farm wife, it would be the new rage in breakfast meats.

                    2. Yep, Spent summers down South as a kid. Camping with Grandfather, breakfast was usually fried spam and eggs. Lunch was uncooked spam sandwiches. Haven't eaten it uncooked in years but every now and then I get a hankering for a fried spam and Velveta sandwich...extra Mayo.

                      1. Spam as it comes out of the can is fully cooked, and ready to use for things like Hawaiian sushi and sandwiches.

                        I like to fry it, but that is because it adds the texture contrast of the crisp surface. It just occurred to me that dusting the pieces with flour before browning might enchance that effect.


                        1. My mom used to make fried lunch meat sandwiches with the off brand of Spam....Treet or maybe Treat. Perhaps it was cheaper? I don't know. It wasn't a lunch I relished...though it was better than another staple of my mother's repetoire...deviled ham.

                          I have not had Spam, Treet, or deviled ham since I left the parental nest...and can't say I've had many cravings for any of it.

                          Fried baloney or fried hard salami...now that's another story!!! I enjoy both of those...just not very often!